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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Virtues & Honor

One may ask what is virtue and how does one become known as honorable. Some may ask if honor has a place in today's world. I don't claim to know the role that these two things play in the lives of my peers. I only known how they are important to me and how they are reflected in my beliefs. Those who practice Asatru may recognize some of my code of behavior. Fellow Wiccans may find things that strike very close to their own personal codes of conduct. What I present to you is the synthesis of many years of research and searching. This is a living tradition, thus it will change and evolve as time progressed on.

Virtue is defined as moral excellence. To make sense of this term, let's take a moment to look at the word 'moral.' The first definition presented at is the one that I am using here.
of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong; ethical [...]
Now, one may ask, how to you know what is right conduct? How does one distinguish between right and wrong? There is the oft quoted Wiccan Rede that many people use as their moral guide. I, however, have something more then the Rede. In no particular order, may I present to you what I like to call the code of virtue.
  1. Treat all life respecfully.
  2. Extend hospitality to all guests who come to you in a peacable manner.
  3. Respect the hospitality of your hosts as you would that of a close kinsman.
  4. Never initiate a fight, but always end them when they come to you.
  5. Be thrifty and conserve your resources as best you may.
  6. When among strangers, conduct your business in good faith and be respectful of their ways.
  7. Honor yourself and maintain your health and good name as best you can.
  8. Be truthful as often as possible. When not possible, state as little as possible. Silence is more honorable then a lie. A lie spoken under duress or in necessity, however, does not stain one's honor.
  9. Stand on your own feet and do as much as you may under your own power. Asking for help is not shameful, but it should only be done in times of necessity.
  10. Do not make idle boasts or oaths. Stay true to your word and carry out all oaths you have pledged yourself to.
  11. Treat the gods and spirits with respect, even if they are not your own. There is power beyond human knowledge in them. It is better to have them as allies then foes.