Thoughts, lessons, and theology from an eclectic witch from a varied background.


Here is a list of the videos I have shared. You can find them on my channel on Youtube also.

Video No. 1: Introduction - A brief introduction from myself.

Video No. 2: Tarot - A quick comment on my favorite method of divination and a review of my favorite deck.

Video No. 3: You are Important too! - A little bit of a pep talk to help you remember that you matter as well.

Video No. 4: Tell 'em that you love 'em. - A gentle reminder not to take the people you love for granted.

Video No. 5: How to maintain your sickle. - A short video about how to care for your magical tools. This is part one of a series. (I apologize that I haven't gotten back to this. New installment coming this Thursday 2/2/17. Also, I have no idea why this is mis-numbered so badly.)

Video No. 6: Push Through. - My thoughts upon the value of perseverance.

Video No. 7: Moment of Zen # 1 - A peaceful spinning video. I've been told that watching me spin is relaxing, so I am sharing a few minutes of this with you. Apologies for the sound on this, I am still trying to master how to get things to record properly. You are probably going to want the sound low.

Video No. 8: How to maintain your wand. - Status: In progress, please check back 2/2/17

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