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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Godspousery Notes: But * I * Don't Like IT.

Ever have an argument with your significant other about what you should have for dinner? Or, better yet, an argument with your child about what you should have for dinner? A suggestion gets made that is super healthy but you (or the small person in question) just don't want to have that. The more the disagreement extends out, the more entrenched it seems to become. Now imagine having such an argument with a deity. It doesn't work out too great.

I'm not saying they will force the issue. You have free will, after all, but they will make it unavoidable. So, Saturday evening, I had the equivalent of arguing over if I was going to eat my Lima beans with Loki and Freyr. They told me I needed to let go control over my various aspects to be more genuine and authentic. I argued that it made me extremely uncomfortable. Cut to the long list of various things that I have to do that are uncomfortable for my health and well being. And then the long list of things that I do that are uncomfortable but I do them for pleasure.

In the end, I was left with the fact that I was whining about not wanting to do something that was good for me because I didn't like doing it and it squicked me out. And both of them reminded me that needs are a higher priority than wants. As well as the truism that feelings are not facts. Thus, my desire to be in absolute control over myself all the time was of lower priority than my mental health. And my feelings that there was something wrong with me, thus I had to be in complete control all the time are incorrect and not facts.

The time after that is something of a blur. I remember writing something. I remember picking out a brand new notebook to write in for this. When I re-read what I wrote, it felt weird. It wasn't like writing when I'm eyeballs deep in the writing process. It was like reading someone else's writing, complete with some changes to my hand writing. It was uncomfortable. But, it is something I need to do on a regular basis, as per their very strong encouragement. Weirdly, afterwards, I slept better than I had in the last week. Like something that needed resolved started to have some progress on it or something.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thursday Video Post

I apologize for no transcript for this post. I basically natter on about how I'm coping with life right now. I'm wearing my dark glasses because I currently have a migraine. The music in the background is something random from Dan Gibson's Celtic Awakening cd.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Books and stuff.

Hello everyone!

I sincerely hope that the winter has started well for you all. I am finding myself finally on the mend from the string of ailments that rolled over me last month. Cold and flu season is the worst, but I think I caught everything so I will be fine for the rest of the season. I attempted to write a novel, but was too sick to really do that even.

So, I have been editing and revising works. As of this weekend, I have a new edition of A Year with Dea up. In the next few weeks, I will also be putting up a prayer journal for the Filianic season of Advent. I will also be setting up some templates for if you are working on a paper journal and don't need the prompts in the book version.

As I am working on future works, I would deeply appreciate your support in a financial fashion. Your donations will help fund research and development of new texts. A portion of those donations will also go towards charity, as they will fund the baby hats I am making for the local NICU. It is my hope to branch out to making hats and/or scarves for the homeless this winter. In a little bit, I will be posting more about this outreach effort of mine.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fashion! (And other natterings.)

Hi everybody,

I spent most of November sick. It cut into pretty much everything. I'm presently taking a break from catching up on housework and paperwork to post here. This is my reward for getting work done, because you are all a great source of joy for me.

I don't talk about fashion because I'm pretty ignorant about trends and stuff. I am trying, however, to move out of my comfort zone and do something new. After going for a while with dyed hair and being bare headed (well, not literally, just no scarves), the dye has washed out and I'm wearing scarves again. It is all just in time for the weather to start getting cold again. In case you weren't aware, my favorite color is pink.

I don't know about you, but rayon scarves don't stay on my head very well. I think it is because my hair is so fine and really has no body to it. My solution today was to take an apron tichel that I made about two years ago and use it as an underscarf. I put the pink square scarf over it all. The end result is pictured below.

I think if I had to change anything about this arrangement it would be to find a bigger square scarf to use. I confess, I catch myself looking at bolts of cotton fabric thinking about buying a full yard square and tying it up. I am still in the planning stages on that one, though. I will be getting my hands on appropriate length and weight fabric to make a period headrail (my big time period geekery era is 10th century Europe, focusing on the British Isles area). I gave away my white pashmina and now am realizing that was a little bit of a mistake. Only a little bit of one, because those are pretty easy to replace.

I'm prating on about other things, so let's take a look at that picture. I used my antique hand mirror to try to show you the back of the tichel style I did. I may want to acquire another snood to make fighting with my nearly waist length hair easier.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Divination Notes: New Moon Reading

Hello, dear Reader,

I have been desperately trying to think of ways to get back into the swing of doing writing work and such. One of the challenges I have been facing is how to get my practice doing divination more active. As a result of a minor brainstorm last week, I have decided to do a monthly reading for what I can expect out of the upcoming lunar cycle on the evening of the New Moon. After all, in the traditions that I was educated by, the New Moon is a particularly good time for things like divination.

I used a Celtic Cross spread. Given below are the cards and their positions. Also, my initial impressions of each card, as per my notes. Some of the impressions may make immediate sense. Others are more due to the deck I was using, which was the Witches's Tarot from Robin Wood. Those cards have some interesting twists on the iconography of the suits and such.

# Name Card Impression
1 Querent 1 of Pentacles New beginnings,
fertility & growth
2 Situation 9 of Pentacles New beginnings,
fertility & growth
3 Deep
Lovers Marriage &
4 Moderate
6 of Wands Turning within
learning to find
5 Recent
Queen of Cups The Good Mother,
spiritual wisdom,
priestess's work
6 Immediate
Future w/o
Princess of
Writing, new
beginning, listening
to inner self
7 House &
The Sun Coming to know my
inner child
8 Hopes &
8 of Cups Inspiration, blessings
'My cup runneth over'
9 Fate's
Wheel of Fortune Knowing my many
selves, accepting change
the cycles of life
10 Outcome 9 of Swords battling 'false' self, hard
struggle with eventual
victory, 'lightning' - Tower?

After making my list of initial impressions, I consider the spread as a whole and the different parts of the reading in context. From this, I get my summary. For this reading my summary was the following:

Next month brings a lot of growth, new communication, and spiritual passages. Focus on self, relationships and work - writing & priestly/parental.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Video Post: Positivity Post No. ???

** Transcript **


It has been a while since I have posted one of these videos. I'm sorry that I have been so absent. It has been quite a struggle to get much done over the last few months. I am not completely feeling confident in myself right now. That, however, is not a sign that I should not do this.

Sometimes, being vulnerable is a good thing. It is a place where honesty comes from and we can connect on a deeper level than what you would find in what comes when everything is comfortable. Taking risks is hard to do. It is especially hard when we feel like we are too open for harm when we do so. But, sometimes that really hard risk proves less difficult after we do it. And sometimes the rewards of taking that risk are a lot bigger than we dared to dream.

Thank you for allowing me to take this chance with you. And I hope that you have someone equally supportive to help you take the chances that help you grow into who you desire to be.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Divination Notes: Rune Ingwaz

Ingwaz is a rune strongly associated with the god Ingvi-Freyr. It is in position 22 of the Futhorc alphabet. It has two variants. The first is a diamond. The second is a square. Both are drawn from the central portion of the image for this glyph. It is not associated with a specific letter within the modern English alphabet. This is because it is a glyph for a dipthong, specifically the -ng sound. This dipthong glyph fell out of use as the Roman script began to replace Runic in England and surrounding areas.

Unlike many other runes, this one has only one rune poem associated with it. It is from the Anglo-Saxon peoples. The poem translates to: Ing was first among the East Danes / so seen, until he went eastward / over the sea. His wagon ran after. / Thus the Heardings named that hero. It is often considered an obscure and hard to decipher text by many who refuse to consider that Ing was the name of these people's ancestral god (hence why they were called the Angles, which could also have been written the Ingles). The wagon spoken of would be Ingvi-Freyr's famed ship Skithblathnir if this poem was viewed from this context.

Traditionally, this is a rune of blessings and fertility. It is also considered a rune of wealth. I personally consider it to be a rune of gestation and growth. As the rune itself visually is very close to what a wheat ear looks like or of what a seed would look like. It is a benevolent rune with no untoward implications, generally, due to the fact it can not be read merkstave. Depending on how it falls in a reading, it may indicated a time of growth or a time of prosperity. If it arrives in a reading surrounded by negatively aspected runes, it serves to soften the harshness of those other runes.