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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Godspousery Notes: A Witch's Rosary.

So, I was super anxious yesterday when Loki gently encouraged me to make something. (Read drained my computer battery to the point it needed to charge and refused to let me post on twitter or anywhere else because my internet connection suddenly went on the fritz.) I got out my beading stuff and decided I was going to attempt to learn how to do a new beading technique. Next thing I know, I have a four decade 'rosary' with a pentacle hanging off as the terminal.

Loki then says, "There. Now you have a tool for spell casting you can take anywhere. And use for meditating on anything with out much notice from anyone. But those spells, though..."

Behold my children's glorious artwork on the cabinets behind me! My hand is covering up the reindeer with three horns and three eyes. It is awesome.

About the witch's rosary: the connector is silver plated with glass beads on it. It is recycled from broken jewelry. The pentacle terminal is recycled jewelry. The first decade is for the element of Water. The 'hail' beads are recycled faceted plastic and the spacer beads between them are blue glass seed beads that I got as a gift ages ago from a friend. The spacer bead between the 'paternoster' bead is a light blue colored tube style bead with the larger bead being green glass. The next decade has yellow spacer beads for Fire. The decade after has white spacer beads for Air. And the final decade has black spacer beads for Earth.

I will be doing more spell casting in the near future. Partly because I have to get back into the habit and partly because I've been directed to do so by multiple deities. This is my newest tool. I'll post next Wednesday how it works and a better picture of it.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Taking a break from writing, to write some more.

Gentle Reader,

I am presently working on writing a book. I've managed to write myself into a corner. Thus, I am posting here to give you all an update on how things are going. My doctors have made some adjustments to the medications I am taking. Fortunately, my mercurial health insurance company agreed to go along with these changes. As such, I am on the path to better health.

The diabetes thing is still very much a work in progress. My blood sugar numbers are beginning to come into the range of  'normal' as long as I maintain my strict dietary protocol. I have lost a significant amount of weight in the process of it all. My general practitioner is of the opinion that there may need to be further medication adjustments made. I see him in a month and a half to assess what progress has been made. It is a struggle that I refuse to lose. I simply can not accept the idea that I'm going to lose my health and welfare because my pancreas is not working properly. I know of many diabetic people who are healthy and manage their condition well. It is my goal to be among them.

My depression is much improved with the help of my psychiatrist. Having a doctor that actually listens to me is a wondrous thing. I am not going to say I am entirely past the depressive episode, but I think once I adjust to the new medication situation I will be. Just another week or so. I know that I am improving because I am writing again and I have a little less despair over everything. I am a touch stumped on how to proceed forward with this blog. I have a poll that you can take that would help me out a great deal.

We are currently dealing with oppressive heat and humidity. Fortunately, I haven't been a ball of pain due to migraines. I'm not sure if that will happen when the front finally comes through and the heat wave breaks. Still, things are improving to the point that I am able to see clearly with out my glasses for the most part and I can keep up with my busy children (and almost as busy husband). This is a huge improvement over where I was at just a month ago. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I am sure they helped as much as the assistance of my care providers.

Yours in gratitude,

Deb aka Cydira aka The Veiled Witch

Monday, June 18, 2018

Personal Post.

Dear Reader,

I lack the words to adequately express my gratitude for your patience during my present time of illness. I have been deeply depressed over the last several months. I still am, but I am attempting to reach out. I am despondent over things happening in my country. I am deeply distressed by my on going difficulties getting my blood sugar under control and the way all of this food stuff is triggering my post-traumatic stress disorder. I will be bringing this up with my doctors when I see them later this week and next week. It is just a matter of holding on to hope until I get in to see them. It is difficult to do right now.

But, my posting here is a sign that I do continue to have hope. Please forgive my silence. I have struggled to find words for even this post. Depression lies to me and tells me that all is vanity and useless. Prayer helps some, but I know that this is a biological crisis less than a spiritual crisis. Thus, I am going to my doctor.

Still, prayers and good will would be appreciated.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Video Post 13: Veiling & Practicality.

I apologize, there is no transcript for this post. I do have some additional thoughts to share.

It has been my experience that people have a difficult time accepting when someone changes their ways for any reason. When they change for spiritual reasons, it really makes people uncomfortable in my experience. The thing I've noticed is that when you make a big change for spiritual reasons, there is a lot of pressure to go back to your previous 'normal' behavior. Spirituality is a thing that tends to get swept under the rug or politely ignored in my area unless it is made obvious. And that there are times and places for one to be obvious about their spirituality (i.e. at church) and one must do it in the correct way (i.e. in a manner that is acceptable to the person in question).

Thankfully, my family has been extremely supportive (though at times a bit baffled by it all). There are neighbors and people in my community who are more uncomfortable when I am wearing my fancy scarves. Some people have made comments. Other people have gotten personally offended when I've worn anything that looks too much like hijab for their comfort. It's awkward when that happens in the community.

I'm not a major community figure but I am one of the more identifiable people in our neighborhood because of the fact that I veil and have hobbies that confuse them. (I have lost count how many times people have just stared gobsmacked at the fact that I'm spinning. I also am the only person in town who uses a bright read parasol in the middle of summer. If they want sunburn, that's on them.) By being consistent and firm in my statements that I am doing this because it is my normal activities, people tend to back down from potential confrontation. Presenting this as it is a typical daily thing not only makes them uncomfortable because there is no way for them to change your normal, it gives you confidence because it is your normal and their opinion doesn't matter.

So, if someone decides to make a snarky comment in your direction about your choice of head covering or implies that you're being stuck up because you're not showing everyone your hair, try responding with the approach that this is what you do every day and "That's your opinion and your opinion doesn't matter." Because, in the end, their opinion doesn't matter unless you want it to. (By the way, that statement is the one I gave my boys to use with the school yard bully who has been getting snippy with them on the bus. The other kid doesn't know how to process it and is highly offended that his opinion doesn't matter. I encourage them to reiterate the reply when the other boy decides to argue he is right or something else equally questionable. It is wonderfully effective and entirely truthful.)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Video Post No. 12: Persistence.

I don't have an exact transcript. This one was off the cuff and a bit more of a rambling monologue. I talked about the fact that being persistent and challenging one's limits can actually be a good thing. (Plus a very minor rant about my 8 year old son's persistence vs. transformers, with some praise for the glorious thing that is super glue.)

Basically, I have been dealing with a lot of challenges. My therapist asked me earlier this week how I kept going. I don't recall what exactly I said. It boiled down to "I'm too stubborn to tell when I should give up." I confess, this trait is why I tend to do things the hard way most of the time. Once I start doing something a certain way, unless you can persuade me, I'm going to continue doing it that way.

But, life throws you curve balls and things can force you to change. (Oh, well, hello there, diabetes.)  Persistence doesn't always mean being set in your ways. It can also mean pushing to do what must be done despite the challenges in front of you.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Update on the Blog Front.

Dear Reader,

I am in the process of preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo. It looks like it is going to be a challenging year for writing. I have set my bar at finishing projects instead of creating something new whole cloth. Among the projects I am going to be focusing on finishing is the handbook to divination that I started a few years ago. It is about a third of the way done. It was another Camp NaNoWriMo project that just never got completed. I'll be doing two projects at once, actually. I'm going to be working on the handbook and working on finishing book seven of a fantasy series that I have been writing.

This month, I am working on getting ready for Camp NaNoWriMo. This includes finishing the manuscript that I have almost completed. (Seriously, a week of work and it will be done. Possibly less if I can get myself going on it.) I will attempt to get myself into the habit of serious writing again through blog posting. I need some help and input from you, however. I have a poll going. Please participate. This will help me to determine what topics you find most interesting and useful. The results will be tallied in two weeks.

Based on the results, I will adjust my posting format to emphasize the most popular topics. I am always open to suggestions and requests.

Thank you for participating in my poll and for reading my blog.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Community Discussion: Filianic Polytheism?

Dear Reader,

I am unsure how to begin today's post. Reading what is being discussed in the Déanic and Filianic communities, I find myself struggling to feel like I have a place there. I am a person who believes in many gods. The technical term for it is polytheist. I am one of those polytheists who believes that all gods are valid. I tend to view it like the multiple universe theory from physics. There is quite likely an infinite number of possible universes where all things can be possible in these different universes. With respect to the Divine, I believe that there is an infinite number of deities and it is possible for them to have an infinite number of relationships with the infinite number of universes.

Thus, my faith may not be your faith, but it is ok. Because yours is valid and worthy, especially if it give you comfort in times of distress and helps you to become the best person you can be. So, yes, I do believe in Dea. I also believe in other gods. (It is my personal belief that Dea is the mother of all pantheons.) This does not diminish my belief in Dea. I do not think my belief in Dea diminishes my belief in the other gods. My belief is rooted in my experience of them. These experiences are my proof that they are real and have an interest in my well being and that of my family. It is perhaps controversial that I take this position, but I am a mystic and we do this sort of thing.

I'm still working my way through some difficult stuff, but I know that the gods will be there for me. I just have times where I am too caught up in what I'm dealing with to be aware of their presence.And that happens to all of us at some point in time in all of our relationships. At some point, we get so caught up in something that we get confused or forget that others are there for us and that they care. Especially when what we are dealing with is hard and causing us distress. But, that passes and things improve, eventually. The ones who care will remain with us through the hard stuff, helping us as they can and as we let them.