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Monday, May 21, 2018

Divination: Scrying Crystals.

Photo by McKylan Mullins from Pexels
Scrying with crystals gets the immediate witchy stamp of approval from the film and entertainment
industry. It usually involves a crystal or glass sphere. The question if a crystal ball is required for scrying is pretty commonly considered answered. The general assumption is that you obviously need a crystal ball and the most effective ones are the size of an over turned goldfish bowl. Here's your plot twist: you don't need one.

Scrying with common stones is more likely what happened in antiquity, though rock and cut crystal were valued quite highly. Such things were not as available to the mediums and psychics of antiquity at all social classes. Your hedge witch and cunning man of rural England in the ancient days of yore were more likely to have a well worn and polished pebble that looked like anything you'd pick up out of a river bank than a flawlessly cut, perfectly clear and polished quartz sphere.

The reflective qualities of the polished stone is what makes scrying easier. It can be done with unpolished stones, but it is a bit trickier. That reflective polished side of the stone is what acts as your mirror or bowl of water. You can use the same techniques to look for images in the stone as you would in a mirror or water.

While I'm at it, a mirror would be an excellent scrying tool. A special variety of mirror known as a 'black mirror' is very popular. They are also incredibly simple to make. Take an inexpensive picture frame, coat the back face of the glass with black paint in an even coat or put a piece of black paper behind the glass, reassemble the picture frame, and you have yourself a black mirror. Black is used instead of other colors because it provides higher contrast and makes the reflections easier to see. Other colors could be used if you so desired.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Vintage Veiling: Thrift shop finds.

Vintage veils are pretty awesome. You get to do a little bit of ecological justice and a little bit of retail therapy when you are shopping for a second hand scarf. In my video below, I talk about why I like doing so. I'm a little bit off kilter in this video because I had no script and because I've been distracted by a ton of things. And really busy, as the looming pile of laundry in the background may suggest. (It is sitting on the couch, so it is not as bad as it looks, I promise. Well, mostly.)

Basic Necromancy - Evocation Rules.

As I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I am a necromancer. This generally means I conduct divination by way of dealing with the dead. I have a few specific ways I do it. There are, however, some rules that I follow that make what ever method I use safe and effective.
  • Never summon what you can't put down
  • Control the space and conversation
  • Control the spirit's range of effect (summoning circles)
  • Have clear beginning and ending of session
  • Cleanse the location of session before and after session to establish neutral energy levels
Some of these things are lessons that have been handed down since antiquity in the lore surrounding dealing with spirits and the dead. Summoning someone (or something) that is more than you can handle leads to problems. Poltergeist problems, to be specific. If you don't want random ghostly activity because the spirit was bored and decided to get your attention by flicking that box of popsicles you picked up at the store on to the floor before you got it in the freezer, make a point of laying them to rest at the end of your session. Otherwise you may have an unintended house guest for a while who randomly pranks you for their amusement.
Controlling the conversation and where the conversation happens is important when dealing with anyone you are not intimately familiar with. You don't know if they will be hostile towards you or not. You may have little to no idea what they are seeking out of the exchange. Treat the situation as a negotiation of a business arrangement. Controlling the space is equally important. Having clearly established boundaries and rules of conduct ensures that all parties involved in the discussions know what is expected and what is going to be tolerated. Leaving things open ended can make for a very unpleasant necromancy session.

Summoning circles are a traditional tool for controlling the space that the spirit can influence. Most of the folklore about summoning circles is pretty accurate. Summoning circles serve both as a containment system for potentially hostile spirits and a doorway for the spirit to travel into our plane for manifestation. When I use a summoning circle, I use a double set this way if one fails there is a second in place to maintain security. This provides for the safety of all parties because spirits that are manifested on the physical plane are vulnerable. The barrier of the summoning circle helps protect the spirit as much as it protects the people.

As with all magical rituals, a clear beginning and ending of the ritual is an absolute must. This helps us orient to and from magical work. It also allows us to stabilize the magical systems we'ere working with so that things to go too haywire when we're finished. A concrete beginning and end of a ritual provides structure to help the ritual function properly.

Cleansing the location before and after a ritual helps ensure that the location is magically neutral. This is good because it limits external influence upon your ritual and limits the unintended effects of your ritual upon the area. It is also just practical and responsible.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Divination: Scrying in Water.

While there is this 'traditional' image of the witch using a crystal ball to see visions of hidden things and the future (also known as scrying), it is far more likely that the people of the past used water in a bowl. Crystal balls were very expensive and for a long period of time glass orbs were almost as expensive. You were more likely to find a bowl or a cup that was used.

The technique used for scrying in water varies somewhat wildly because almost every person performing divination has their own method. The one that works for me is looking between the surface of the water and the base of the container. That is where I find the images forming. Other people will find the images forming above the surface.

A dark colored bowl works best for me. It functions like a black mirror (which I'll discuss next week). I find the dark colored lower surface works better for me to see the images within the water. For me, they show up like shadows beneath the water except they're colored like fog, usually. On occasion, I will get vivid full color images. Those happen pretty rarely, to be honest.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Video Post # 10: Gratitude.


Gratitude is defined as being thankful for someone, something, or some manner of experience. A good deal of people argue that gratitude meditation is going to cure you of depression, exhaustion, or any number of other unpleasant states of being. Gratitude is helpful to refocus upon that which is good in your life. It is not, however, a panacea that cures everything from chronic depression to cancer. (Yes, I have seen someone try to argue that gratitude meditation would cure cancer.) 

Gratitude is a tool that works best with regular application in most situations. When things are dire, it is important to remember that tools are meant to be used together with other tools in solving complex problems. And you are allowed to feel things other than gratitude when life is hard. Don't let someone shame you for not being 'thankful it isn't worse.' Your feelings and experiences are valid. Gratitude is your self-validation of those feelings and experiences.


Note: The music playing in the background is a random selection from a cd of hymns written by Hildegard Von Bingen, a medieval mystic and saint of the Catholic Christian church. I do not own the music.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

New E-book: Drowning in Light.

After a great deal of frustration and life getting in the way, the eBook of Drowning in Light is finally available. This is the short form version. There isn't much explanation or interpretation of the visions. The long form, which will be available as an eBook and as a paperback, will get into more detail. I'm just still working on it.

I'm still figuring out what I'm doing with eBook format and such. Please drop me an email if you find your copy has errors. I will happily send you a PDF. Just make sure in your email that you note the date of purchase and where you purchased it through. As per usual, purchasing through is going to be less expensive than other sites like Amazon.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Godspousery Notes: Just *TALK* to them.

So, I have some issues socializing. I have some self esteem issues that get in the way a lot in most of my relationships. (I have a heavily trauma laden past. It eats at me daily, I dislike the long term effects greatly.) Sometimes these two things come together when it comes to talking to the people closest to me.

I was contemplating folding laundry and feeling utterly alone. I knew it was depression talking. I was doing my best to power through it. And then Loki said dryly, "Have you tried actually TALKING to, oh, I don't know, maybe your husband or your dearest friends? Instead of assuming that your depression must be accurate."

I answered "Low spoons." He held up a hand and bowed his head slightly. "What?" I asked.

"I'm looking for your spoons," he answered. I almost face-palmed. "How about you try just sitting in the same space? If you can't find the energy to talk about it, just sit with them. It's ok to just sit with people and not talk."

"I keep feeling ignored, when I know I'm not. I keep feeling like I'm going to waste their time." I answered and was about to throw out another feeling statement when I got the LOOK from him. That 'You're doing IT again, knock it off." look.

"Feelings are not facts. But feelings are still feelings. So talk about the feelings with the people you have them for. That will help the feelings feel less awful."

Still working on that.