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Services Offered.

* This Page is Under Construction! *

Please don't mind the dust and clutter. As I am working to organize everything, take a moment to look through previous material. As always, thank you for your time and patronage.

I offer the following services to the community at large. Some require payment, others are free but a donation would be greatly appreciated.

Spiritual Services

  • Spiritual counseling is available by email or face to face appointment. All spiritual counseling is conducted with a high regard for client privacy. Appointments are presently available only for people who are local to myself. If travel is required on my part, I will need a small donation to cover the cost of travel.

  • Prayer Chain Community. In addition to the group on Facebook for the Filianic/Déanic prayer group, I am setting up a forum elsewhere. It will be an interdenominational, non-sectarian, non-creedal group. The goal for this group will be to provide support and encouragement to others in their prayer life. It will also be to provide prayers for the welfare of others. 

  • Spiritual guide communication lessons. This is distinct from most channeling because the focus here would be to assist the client in establishing an open flow of communication between themselves and their spiritual guides. It would be structured like the formal lessons I provide here and will be presented via e-mail. This service will require the use of a workbook (that I will provide via Google docs right now) and will have assignments that will be assessed to determine what problem areas the client is struggling with. This will be a 3 month long project.

Spell craft Services
Important Note re: Spell craft Services - Spells manifest in ways that we do not typically expect them to. All spell craft is done at the client's expense. This includes the cost of supplies and a non-refundable fee of $50.00 USD. This fee does NOT include the cost of time billable for the service. The time billable rate is negotiable. For additional information, e-mail me.
  • Spell Writing Service. A spell will be written for the client to their specifications. This will be available on a monthly basis. The following spells are NOT going to be ones I will develop for you: 
  1. Spells to make someone fall in love with you.
  2. Spells to make someone break up with someone else.
  3. Spells to make someone ill.
  4. Spells to cure illness. (Note: I will do spells to promote the ease of suffering and promote the wellness of another. Please keep in mind, in some instance this may mean results that are unpleasant for the onlooker. )
  5. Spells to make you win gambling.
  • Spell Casting Service: I will cast a spell for you. The same note about the spell writing service is applicable to the spell casting service. With the spell casting service, the client will receive a message stating what the general outline of the spell will be, a listing of materials required, and the time frame that is required on my end for me to perform the spell. This estimate, when agreed to by the client, will be then sent as an invoice when the spell is completed. With the invoice will be pictures of the supplies, the ritual area prior to the performance of the spell and after. It will also come with a brief report of a divination session that was done immediately after the spell as to how the client will recognize the signs of the spell manifesting. (NOTE: Spells are not a substitute for proper medical care, proper legal assistance, or proper financial assistance. They serve to enhance what is presently going on. Spells will not always manifest properly. By choosing this service, the client assumes all responsibility for any negative repercussions.)

  • Curse Removal. If you have reason to believe that you have been cursed, I will perform a curse breaking spell for you. This service will serve to help ameliorate problems with bad luck and situational difficulties that are just a little too strange to be pure coincidence. Curse removal is most effective during the waning and new phase of the moon. If you are interested in instruction on how to do your own curse removal, please see lessons posted on this blog, the spell generation service, or the instructional services offered below.
Instructional Services

Instructional e-books and video lectures will be available here. These go into greater depth than what is provided in my blog posts. At this time, all work is oriented towards an independent study program. If the interest arises, I will begin group online instruction in various topics. As materials for topics become available, I will provide links. I will also present the cost for the program. All programs will have a syllabus as part of the description. Multi-part programs will be treated as a subscription service. A one time payment of the full amount is ideal, however, payments for each installment is also applicable.

Forthcoming Topics:

  1. Dream Interpretation (A 12 part series.)
  2. Dream Magic vs Waking Magic
  3. Introductory General Divination (A 4 part series.)
  4. Intermediate General  Divination (A 4 part series.)
  5. Magical Theory: Magic versus Science (A 5 part series.)
  6. Introductory Spiritual Being Etiquette (A 3 part series.)
  7. Introductory Comparative Religion (A 2 part series.)
Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are given in a few different formats. 

Tarot readings are done via the phone or the chat client on Keen
My listing is linked > HERE <. 

I am also doing rune readings via the phone or the chat client on Keen
This listing is linked > HERE <. 

Psychic readings to help you make contact with the deceased are available on a case by case basis right now. Please contact me via  e-mail if you are interested.

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