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Pagan Parenting

This is the 'index' page of the new Pagan Parenting topic that I have started. Look for a new post coming every other week. Some of the material is a description of the adventures in parenting in my home. Some of the material will be resources that I have found helpful and useful. And, there will be a little bit about things that I have learned as I was on the career path of becoming an educator before I had kids.

Building a Devotional Relationship. - This post discusses how I am working with the boys to establish a deeper devotional relationship for them with the gods. I also share a prayer journaling technique that seems to be working well for us.

Teachable Moments. - This post discusses how to recognize teachable moments and the way I employed one to help my boys learn more about the values that we have.

Passing on Lore. - This post discusses introducing children to the knowledge that has come down to us from our ancestors and the people who came before us in our faith. This is a topic that will be revisited as we get into more detail. *Post is in progress of development. Check back on 2/12/17!*

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