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Pagan Parenting

This is the 'index' page of the new Pagan Parenting topic that I have started. Look for a new post coming every other week. Some of the material is a description of the adventures in parenting in my home. Some of the material will be resources that I have found helpful and useful. And, there will be a little bit about things that I have learned as I was on the career path of becoming an educator before I had kids.

Building a Devotional Relationship. - This post discusses how I am working with the boys to establish a deeper devotional relationship for them with the gods. I also share a prayer journaling technique that seems to be working well for us.

Teachable Moments. - This post discusses how to recognize teachable moments and the way I employed one to help my boys learn more about the values that we have.

Passing on Lore. - This post discusses introducing children to the knowledge that has come down to us from our ancestors and the people who came before us in our faith. This is a topic that will be revisited as we get into more detail.

Ritual with Children. - This post discusses the challenges of formal rituals and rites with small children. This is a topic that will be revisited on a regular basis.

Shrines for Kids. - The topic of this post is how to put together a kid friendly shrine for personal worship practices. I give an example of one I made for my eldest child. Picture and directions included.

Ethics (pt. 1). - This is the beginning of a series of posts about teaching ethics to your children. This post discusses the proper use of violence. This particular topic will be revisited again to cover other ethical questions that may arise.

Bedtime Stories. - This post discussed the role bedtime stories has on the religious education of my children.

Recommendations: Pampering Yourself. - This is a post just for the parents and caregivers. It talks about the reasons why taking time for yourself is important and that self care is much more than getting your favorite coffee drink once in a while.

Hiatus & Equinox. - A post musing on the relationship between Hiatus, Ostara, and the Equinox, as well as the celebration thereof.

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