Thoughts, lessons, and theology from an eclectic witch from a varied background.

Lessons & Ephemera.

* Coming Material: In Progress! *

I will be migrating the links to the lessons published here. They will be sorted by topic and each link will go to the associated post where the topic's entire series is linked to. This means that there will be more than one link to follow to get to the post you are looking for.

It is my intent to get everything more organized here over the course of the next several weeks. I am also in the process of cleaning up older material from when I taught a dream interpretation course online ages ago. The format of the dream interpretation course is going to show how I will be organizing things for future course that I will be presenting. It will include some video content.

I will be also posting links to some worksheets and pages to help you with exploring the material I a sharing. This is something of advance notice/sneak peeks into a couple of books that I am working on. Books will be located on their own pages with links to where they can be purchased.

I look forward to the excitement of sharing new stuff with you.

In the meantime, have a fantastic day and THANK YOU again, for stopping by!

The Lessons

Psychic & Spiritual Health:

General Paganism:

  • Hard versus Soft Polytheism
  • Ancestor Veneration
  • Superstition and Religion
  • High Holidays
  • Faces of Dea
  • Angels/Janyati
  • Prayer Practices
  • Problem of Evil
  • Cosmology
  • Devotionals for the Gods
  • Heathenry 101
  • Rune lore (See Divination section for practices.)
  • Cosmology
  • The Elementals
  • The Lady
  • The Lord
  • Degree System & Education
  • Formal Initiation vs Self Initiation