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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Magical Studies: Cosmology II

In my previous post, I discussed the pertinent philosophical cosmological questions with respect to the Universe at large. By logical extension, we have now come to the personal cosmological questions. These questions are:
  • What is the nature of my existence?
  • What is the purpose of my existence?
  • What is the purpose of consciousness?
  • How do I relate to the Universe?
The answers for these questions are different for each person. I propose, however, that there are general answers that can be upheld for most people, despite their respective circumstances. As such, I humbly present the following for your consideration:

What is the nature of my existence?
The nature of the human existence is to be a finite physical being with a finite spiritual aspect. A great deal of overlap is between the spiritual and physical aspects. It is in this overlap that we have the 'mental' element of the human mind, including but not limited to our concept of self, emotions, and abstract thought.

What is the purpose of my existence?
The purpose of human existence is to exist and answer biological imperatives for the perpetuation/continuation of the species. Any additional elements are self directed, thus the purpose for one human's existence is different from the purpose of another human's.

What is the purpose of consciousness?
The purpose of consciousness is to experience existence. It is additionally, to process the experience and incorporate it into the evolving and fluid psyche/spirit of the conscious being. It is not my believe that consciousness is the sole domain of humans. It is my belief that such a line of reasoning is excessively anthropomorphic and grossly flawed.

How do I relate to the Universe?
Humanity is an integral part of the make up of the Universe. We are dependent upon it for our existence even as we are capable of experiencing a sense of independence from it. There are elements of the spiritual aspect of the Universe that are more primarily rooted in said aspect that can have a powerful corresponding influence upon the material aspect. These spiritual elements range in fortitude. The most powerful of them being deities. We have the capacity to interact with these spiritual aspects of the Universe by way of our own spiritual elements.

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