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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Khear & Fear

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The Gospel of Our Mother God has a passage that I find apt to meditate upon this evening. It speaks of how all of existence is shot through with khear and that is what separates us from Dea. The passage that I quote below is what caught my eye this evening when I performed a touch of Bibliomancy to help me find a focus for my writing.

The cosmos is a perfect sphere, more lovely than the sun, and yet it is all riven through with khear. All that is was fashioned by My Mother out of the laughter of Her heart and the cunning of Her hands, and all that is very good, more than any soul can know. But khear is not. Khear is naught. Khear is the black abyss that has turned its face from My Mother and has frowned upon the laughter of Her heart.
Secret of the World, vs. 4 - 6

One may wonder how khear and fear are related. I think it is a very natural relationship that came about because of the nature of khear. Khear is the furthest distance we might be from the grace of Dea and all that is holy. It is described as an abyss that keeps the incarnated being from Dea's presence. Some elements of khear can be understood in the terms of sin. For it is the error of turning away from the Divine and breaking the connection that is forged in that limitless loves which Dea gives to all that is. To be fully disengaged from that which sustains all of reality is to go mad, for you have replaced the comprehension that all reality stems from some source to embracing the fleeting shadows of existence.

I am not saying that atheists and agnostics are mad. For they have different paths to the home of all spirits. Even an atheist thinks that all of reality had some sort of beginning and that there are some manner of laws that govern its function. They do not view that which sustains reality and that which was present at the beginning as a sentient being. When you define sentience in the narrow terms of human understanding, you turn Dea (and all of the Divine) into puppets and render them less then what they are. In many respects, the atheist has perhaps one of the clearer perspectives upon that which we know as gods.

I, however, am moving away from the heart of what I wished to address in my post tonight. Khear is described as a vast chasm that is bridged only by way of Dea's will and action. Among the signs of khear's distance is that which hinders us from progressing forward towards the best which we can attain and be. Fear is a very powerful goad. It can propel us forward or it can paralyze us in our tracks. That fear which hinders us and keeps us from moving in the direction of that which is good and healthy for us is the fear that we could call a daughter of khear.

It is something that all of humanity must struggle with. We might manage to best this type of fear for a moment but it will assail us again from another angle. When we are trapped within this type of fear, it is frequently the case that we fell alone and utterly cut off from the Divine. Thus it could be said that when trapped in this fear, we are trapped within the abyss of khear. How does one rise up from this abyss?

One method is prayer and acts of devotion to the Divine. Another is in taking deliberate acts of hope. It is important to note, hope and acts of hope are indeed forms of prayer or faith. The success of these comes by way of grace. It is not purely ourselves pulling us up by our bootstraps. For the Divine has provided those bootstraps that we use to pull ourselves up. And at times, the Divine will reach out a hand to lift us up.

The action of the Divine, be it by way of Dea or other gods, is not always easy to discern. It does, however, provide support for us when we act with courage in the face of such an unmanning fear. It is a flame that burns bright against the darkness of the chasm and illuminates where the rope that we might take hold of to climb towards the light is. Fear is the force that drags us down into the chasm, at times. Dea's grace comes in our capacity to resist that dragging force.

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