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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cartomancy: Tarot Spread (part III)

Today's spread is a twelve card spread that bears a great deal of resemblance to an expanded version of the basic three card spread. Don't let the similarity in layout fool you, though, because this spread has an entirely different focus. In many ways, this spread could be compared to the Celtic Cross when it is used to learn what is going on with the dead. 

I don't have a fancy name for this spread. For lack of a better name, I call it 'spirit talk'. It is one I developed by accident when I was laying out cards whilst interacting with the dead. I discovered that the cards facilitated the conversation and actually provided greater clarity to the impressions I was receiving. It is generally more effective when there is a topic focus. When just used with out a focus, the spread still works relatively well, but sometimes it is hard to see the connections between the cards.

Position one is the card addressing the immediate answer to your query. Position four clarifies the card at position one. Position seven reveals the way the immediate answer relates to you. The remaining cards of the first row (2 & 3) each address more nuanced answers. Position two's column relates to what people the spirit you are communicating with believes to be influential on the matter with the subsequent cards in the column serving the same roles as positions four and seven did for the card at position one. Position three's column relates what additional information the spirit believes is especially important to focus on.

The column of three cards off to the right summarizes the details of the matrix on the right. Card ten summarizes column one. Card eleven summarizes column two. And card twelve does so for column three. Taken together, these three cards give the answer to your query and what focuses the spirits believe important. It is possible to do the entire reading based off of the final three cards, but the prior nine assist in this process by breaking that major messages up into their salient points.

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