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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Flux Tides.

This post is going to come off a bit queer. I am not generally one to blame the odd bit of strangeness on the psychic 'weather' that happens. Right now, however, I really can not avoid saying it is a big factor in how things have been unfurling here. A wave of upheaval is moving through the world(s) right now and I'm feeling the effects. Some would point at planetary positions and others would point at additional environmental factors (like the fact that we are marching towards the Solstice right now) as being the source of this wave. Honestly, I am not going to say it is the result of individual things. Some planet going retrograde or something is only a partial source of this wave of upheaval.

It has become apparent to me over the last several months, however, that some of the reasoning to the requests in written material that have been made of me by the gods is based in more than what would help me build confidence in myself as an author. Don't worry, folks, I am still being guided to continue my efforts in all arenas. I'm just having difficulty either getting it to paper because of how I am doing wellness wise or it is stuff that I don't quite know how to make it presentable for public reading. I am, however, still working and thinking about a wide range of topics.

As I was considering a trend I've seen in blog postings by a number of individuals I follow, I noticed a trend that was happening across a fairly wide spectrum. The first thing that was apparent was that these folks were all hitting points where some kind of crisis has arisen that brought their spirituality into a place where deep contemplation was necessary. At first, I thought it was just a thing happening for a few people. I saw signs of this happening about this time last year and I just shrugged it off as they hit their own 'Dark Night of the Soul' times. And then I saw this happening for more and more people. It really surprised me.

The second thing that appears to have turned into some kind of trend (note - I'm not saying this is a trend in the sense of something fashionable, just as an apparent theme) was many spiritual and religious bloggers I read were finding themselves in situations where crisis was stretching into areas outside of what people typically think of when they think of a spiritual crisis. I am mildly disturbed by witnessing how the spiritual confusion that arose with the initial crisis seemed to act as a pre-shock to the 'mundane' crisis that came later. In almost all of these cases, the following 'mundane' crisis has been something profound and severe. It ranges, from what I have seen, from severe health problems to severe financial problems (up to and including the loss of one's livelihood).

The other theme that seems to be running as part of this wave of upheaval is strife. I am not talking about the positive form of strife that encourages the people experiencing it to be heroic and display the better traits of their humanity. No, the strife I am witnessing is the kind that can break social bonds of faith and friendship. Some of this does appear to be due in part to the general bastardry of the internet. Accounting for this, though, there seems to be a rise of internecine conflicts in communities that were previously presenting as well knit and given to withstand the occasional infighting and disagreements. It is possible that some of these fights are simply the result of long standing tensions reaching a breaking point. The timing of it all, however, is quite curious.

All of this has me thinking that my decision to forego any readings to assess what was awaiting over the course of this calendar year may have been ill advised. There is change blowing in the wind. It is more than the changes that come with an election year here in the USA. I haven't done any big readings or scrying to see what is coming. Honestly, I don't want to, because what I've seen thus far is fundamentally disturbing and it appears to only be getting worse. All I know is that this 'season of change' is getting progressively more challenging as it presses on.

Back to what I was saying about topics that have been requested of me by the gods and the dead, with all of this flux, there have been holes that are opening up in the material covered by the blogosphere. The topics that I am being encouraged to write on are appearing to align with some of those holes. I will do my best to fill the needs that arise and I can address. At the same time, however, I am cautious about this all because those same hole are the centers of significant conflict right now. I do not enjoy writing material that is contentious and encourages conflict. It is stressful for me, to be perfectly honest. At the same time, however, it looks like my time of silence on many issues must come to a close.

There will be some changes to this blog in the near to immediate future. I ask for your patience and forbearance. If you are in the middle of dealing with chaos right now, don't hesitate to ask your friends and the people who love you for help. They are your tribe and they will help you as best they can, you need only ask. If you are not in the middle of dealing with chaos right now and someone you know and care for comes to you seeking help with their chaos, extend kindness to them and help as best you can. There's a storm brewing, folks, and we're all going to need to work together to get through it.

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