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Monday, July 25, 2016

Godphone: Lesson Two - Determining Authenticity

Note: I apologize that it has taken me so long to get back to posting along these informative topics. It has been rather difficult to get myself organized enough to do these posts. Throw that together with the tumult that has been going on outside of the basic elements of writing preparation and I have had a lot of difficulty with being more frequent in my updates here. I apologize for this. Thank you for your patience and forbearance in this matter.


I previously discussed the basics of reaching the mental state that I have found to be best in using 'godphone.' An enormous amount of what is used in the skills for 'godphone' is based within your ability to track and sort out your own mental information. This means one must acquire the ability to distinguish between what is wishful thinking, anxiety, and legitimate psychic input. This skill is necessary if one is engaged in mediumship or 'godphone.' It is, however, at times very tricky when one is seeking answers to a specific question.

Testing the authenticity of a result may sound like you are 'looking a gift horse in the mouth' but the practice is not inherently disrespectful. It is, actually, a very sound way of clarifying what information is being received and ensuring that you are getting the message correct. In any conversation, working to make sure that you are properly decoding the messages given is an indication of respect for all parties involved in the discussion.

There are multiple ways to test one's impressions. The most basic one is asking yourself if the information coming to you matches your own personal stream of consciousness internal monologue. If the psychic impressions do not match, there is a good chance that it is genuine. I have also found that the psychic impressions will have a different 'tone' to them. Thus, if your inner 'voice' has a certain pitch to it (most often it will mimic what your physical voice sounds like) and something that 'sounds' different arises, it will have a good possibility of being psychic input.[1]

Using an alternate divination tool to read upon a matter that is the focus of the 'godphone' session is an excellent method of authenticating your impressions. While the information presented from this alternate format may be different in many respects, it should convey the same general message and give additional supporting details to the specific message. Thus if your 'godphone' session has you leaving with the impression that deity [insert name] wants you to do [activity], your tarot reading should present information that conforms to this apparent desire and give details about how said activity should be done, who will be involved, the tools used, etc.

Establishing some sort of sign between yourself and the deities you work with that indicates their presence is helpful for some people. This sign becomes a door of sorts for your divination sessions. It will eventually become present when the deities wish to contact you at times other than your dedicated session times. It may be that you have a specific item that you use as a ritual tool to focus your mind upon your session. That tool may become a sign between you, showing up within the session and at other times when the deities wish to contact you.

For example, a witch I know has a wand with a feather attached to it that she uses in her divination sessions. It is her meditative focus. As she engaged in her use of 'godphone' that feather will move in a manner similar to a pendulum to indicate the legitimacy of the information she receives. At other times, when she is not engaged in a planned 'godphone' session, she has had feathers appear when the deities are either giving her physical signs or conveying messages via 'godphone.' In this instance, the sign that indicates a message is incoming is a feather. 

Perhaps one of the most effective methods of determining the authenticity of the information presented is asking questions that can have concrete answers that are not immediately apparent to you but can be ascertained in short order. One psychic I know keeps a pack of regular playing cards at his desk. At the beginning and the end of the session, he asks the ones he is communicating with what card is next in the set. Sometimes they will tell him precisely what color, suit, and rank the card is. More often, he is given something less specific but still identifying of the next card. He makes a point of shuffling this deck prior to every session. The same could be achieved with a simple coin flip even.

The biggest thing to focus on when seeking to authenticate a session is to get as many details as possible. The more precisely detailed the information drawn from a session is, the easier it is to prove or disprove it. When faced with a situation where it may be difficult to personally authenticate the divination session, it is good to reach out to others who are engaged in this craft.

1. Discretion is advised in considering one's mental state when engaging in this sort of work. If you are experiencing the signs of psychosis, seek out medical assistance.

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