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Friday, September 23, 2016

Such a long week.

Hello Everyone,

It has been a long and tiring week for me this week. I had a migraine that just wouldn't go away for the last few days. It made pretty much everything challenging. I have come away from the experience with the deepest sympathy for the people who live with that level of pain daily. I am to no end of impressed with how you folks keep going when you deal with this or worse on a daily basis. It takes a level of fortitude that I am in awe of.

The biggest hurdle to getting things happening here on this blog has been finding writing time. I have spent a good amount of time this week trying to get the household straightened up and tidy. My kitchen is finally back at a point where I feel it is presentable for company. The living room is almost there, with the exception of a large laundry hamper full of clean kids clothes waiting to be folded and put away. The boy's room, however, is in need of some attention. We're going to attempt to coach the boys through picking everything up on their own. I'm hoping this wont result in a great deal of frustration and stress, but expecting that by the end of it all I will be ready for them to go back to school and get out of my hair for several hours.

Putting aside all the mundane things in life that have gotten in the way of my posting here, I am left aghast and speechless in the face of the recurring violence in the news. More specifically, the seemingly endless cascade of reports of people who are being killed by law enforcement. It is something that angers me on a fundamental level and I struggle to find the words to express that. It is something that horrifies me and fills me with profound grief. I pray that this parade of horrors ends but it seems that every day I wake to find something new in the news about it.

I find myself at a loss for what to say. I feel that my words here are paltry and pointless in the face of such casual, routine evil. It has created something of a crisis of faith. I am not sure how to proceed here. Thus, I let posting here slip aside as I focus upon the small daily details of my life. I wish to correct this, but I do not know where to begin. Perhaps the gods shall smile upon me and provide some sort of guidance.

Please forgive my silence.

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