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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ostara 2012

Today is the Vernal Equinox. It is celebrated in my faith under the name Ostara. It is the feast day of Springtide. In my tradition, the Spring season begins with Imboleg (Feb. 2) and runs until Beltane (May 1). Ostara is recognized as the height of the season.

At Imboleg, we plan for the growing season. Those of us who garden or do plant magic have the time between Imboleg and Ostara for planning and preparing for the planting. Between Ostara and Beltane, we plant. Ostara could also be known as the celebration of the First Furrow.

At this time, seeds and planting tools are blessed. All endeavours that are begun at this time are considered auspicious. Doubly so if they are undertaken during the waxing moon. Children born during this time are considered by some to be especially luck and of an outgoing nature.

With the waxing of the Sun, we find the overt signs of life and fertility are all about us. The world turns green with new growth, animals come out of hibernation, and many different kinds of young are whelped. It is the return of the Greenman and a time of blessings. This is a joyous time. A season for new beginnings and hope for all.

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