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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Veil.

Like several other pagan women (and possibly some pagan men), I am called to veil myself. Where some do so out of modesty or similar sentiment (especially in the Christian communities), I do so because my Goddess told me to cover my hair from those who would not respect me and to protect my power from those who would profane me. It is for this reason that I cover my hair and am striving to learn more techniques to do so gracefully.

It may sound silly, but the type of veiling that I do is increasingly pushed towards the type that is seen in traditional European Mariological iconography. I'm not entirely sure how to work this into my wardrobe, but I've been realizing it isn't just an aesthetic preference. Some how, I am supposed to do this. As I look at the different images, I am really intensely studying the way they are approached and finding that some of the icons are almost physically impossible with out a MASS of pins. And then there are ones like below where it looks just draped over the head. I'm stumped on how to recreate this and not have it blow away. A work in progress.

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  1. Have you looked into how the women in India keep their veils on? Its very similar.