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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Feast of Epiphany

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A Chapel of Our Mother God notes that epiphany is sometimes referred to as the 'little nativity'. One of the winter celebrations and of the 'low' festivals of the Deanic and Filianic faiths, the feast of epiphany marks when the world was given a vision of the Mother and the Daughter. It is the first time since the 'fall' of maid that Dea is glimpsed directly. Within the sacred drama, the vision of epiphany fulfills and foreshadows the Maiden's actions as Redeemer of the World.

It is but by the virtue of the Maiden that the blinding brilliance of the Mother is softened such that we might gaze upon Dea. The Sun, in her brilliance, is considered a metaphorical cognate of the Mother. The Moon is the symbol of the Maiden. Just as a total solar eclipse permits us to look safely at the Sun, so does the Maiden serve to make the brilliance of the Mother less overwhelming.

The Maiden's girlhood is not spoken of in the Gospel of Our Mother God. Some would say that it is secondary to the work the Maiden undertakes as Priestess and Princess of the World. Others would contend that it is a mystery that knowledge of has been lost in this Age. For my part, I understand the girlhood of the Maiden as something that is revealed as She chooses to those who would engage her as the Holy Child.

The iconography of the Blessed Mother and the Christ child appeals very strongly to me. Children of the age that the Christ child is portrayed in most versions of this image are very difficult to determine gender because it is before the obvious secondary sex characteristics present. As such, I see images like the one below as images of the Mother and the Maiden. I contemplate them and I find myself both deeply moved as a mother and a daughter.

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I look at the child curled up against their mother and I have a visceral recollection of holding my infant sons. I am left in a state of wonder at the idea that a goddess might be so tiny. I find myself curious if she was as helpless as my sons were. I wonder if the Mother had her heart in her throat as she watched the Maiden toddle about and grow to full stature.

I mark the feast of epiphany with some solemnity. I spent a good portion of my day, where I could, in meditation on the Daughter and my place in relation to her and the Mother.

May Dea bless you and keep you in her hand.

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