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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Polytheism & Filianism

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A while back, I discussed in brief how I am a polytheist and that I follow the Filianic/Deanic faith as well. I thought that I'd take a little time today to explain this in a bit more detail and how it is not the 'div0 error'[1] it might seem to be. If you take a moment to consider the theology[2] of this seemingly monotheistic faith, it [3] it is my understanding that Dea will manifest her presence as male or female.
becomes apparent that within Filianism and Deanism one finds that Dea is understood to manifest in many different ways. As we live in a world where there is a masculine and feminine genders

By the same mystery that allows for the Mother, Daughter, and Deam Mysterium can be three independent forms of Dea and one, the same function allows for the gods of the world to exist as many and independent deities. They are unified by their nature as deities. Additionally, there is some sort of mystic connection, in my understanding and perception of it all, that binds them all to each other and makes up a singular entity which is both possessed of the characteristics that we comprehend of Dea and that which simply surpasses our ability to understand.

Each deity that I interact with is sovereign in their sphere of influence and can reach out of it to interact in other areas. At the same time, I do not see the divisions of different deities as mutually exclusive things. All forms of deity make up the Divine. All forms of deity, as part of the Divine, possess elements that we can not comprehend. Reverence given to one deity is no different at its core then reverence given to another because in the end, all honor is given to the Divine that is beyond our comprehension.
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Some Wiccans call this Akasha. They identify the central point of the circle space with it. Some people speak of the fluid spiritual energy that moves through the universe as akasha. I don't think that the Divine, which I understand to be Dea, is the same as akasha. I don't know what the correct term for this would be, perhaps quintessence. The matter of this spiritual energy, however, is a subject for another day.

I revere Dea. I also revere Freyr and the other gods of the Norse pantheon. I do not believe they are mutually exclusive. I believe that they are all part of the same collective numinous whole that we simply can not fathom. Indeed, it is this whole which I refer to as the Divine is what makes all religions of the world valid.

In the end, all roads lead home.


1 div0 = divide by zero, something of a joke that I picked up in my travels. Beloved is a computer programmer by vocation and this is something he regularly encounters.

2 I use the term theology rather then thealogy because it's more easily recognized, some concept different genders for each term. Theology = the study of god  Thealogy = the study of goddess

3 Binary gender division is used for the sake of simplicity. Perhaps in a later entry, I will address fluid gender states and my faith.

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