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Sunday, March 30, 2014

A belated Eostre greeting!

I wish all of you a most happy and most prosperous Eostre season. Due to technical difficulties, I did not have an opportunity to post in this blog until today. I will be making up for lost time by posting several times this week.

Eostre is a special time of year. It is not only the time of the Equinox and the official beginning of Spring. It is also a time where the Daughter takes on her fate, dies, and is resurrected. I also celebrate this as the time when Freyr is revived with the sprouting of the grain. The hard weather that we have had recently has made it difficult to keep these things in mind. Looking out to a yard full of snow, it is quite easy to become disheartened and despair that Winter is not going to end.

The little song birds, however, have been sporting about. I have seen them busily chirping and twittering about the bird feeder hanging up on the tree in my front yard. My Beloved husband has seen a sparrow at work on building a nest in the eves of the roof. Each day, the sun rises and shines a bit longer then the day before. I see evidence that despite the snowy weather, Spring has truly arrived. And for this, I am deeply thankful.

Today is the eve of April 1st and a date that was once considered the first of the year in antiquity. I mark this day as a minor observance of the Daughter as Renewer of the World. I lay flowers upon the altar, when I have them, and burn a sweet smelling candle in offering to her. The offerings of flowers and (ideally) incense are made as expressions of gratitude for what the Daughter has done via her ordeal. Indeed, I would be so bold as to say that I celebrate Eostre from the date of Eostre (Culverine 1/March 21) until the first of April as an extended celebration.

I invite you, dear Reader, to join me in my prayers of gratitude to Dea.

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