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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rosary Day and other musings.

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In the Filianic calendar, today is marked as Rosary Day. Filyani pray the rosary and lay a rose upon their shrine as part of their customary observances. The Filianic rosary is a five decade recitation that is strongly influenced by the Catholic Christian rosary.

In praying the Filianic rosary, the one engaged in this act meditates upon five mysteries, one for each decade. These mysteries are:
  1. The Mother as the fundamental 'ground' of all being - that which is truly Real and fundamental to all existence.
  2. The birth of the Daughter from the Mother.
  3. The death of the Daughter.
  4. The resurrection of the Daughter.
  5. The union of the soul with Dea.
When I pray the rosary, my meditative focus is slightly different. My foci are:
  1. The Mother as the source of all existence.
  2. The birth of the Daughter from the Mother.
  3. The Daughter's taking on of her fate.
  4. The death of the Daughter.
  5. The resurrection of the Daughter.
I have a fifteen decade rosary that I pray once a season. My focus for these decades are listed below:
  1. The Mother's creation of all existence.
  2. The first Maid's turning from Dea.
  3. The conception of the Daughter.
  4. The birth of the Daughter.
  5. The Daughter as Princess of the World.
  6. The Daughter as Priestess of the World.
  7. The Daughter taking on of her fate.
  8. The temptation of the Daughter.
  9. The ordeal of the Daughter's journey to Hel.
  10. The death of the Daughter.
  11. The Mother's grief of the Daughter's death.
  12. The resurrection of the Daughter.
  13. The miracle of the flowers.
  14. The exaultation of the Daughter.
  15. The union of the soul with Dea.
Today has been a day filled with familial obligations, thus I will not be praying my fifteen decade rosary, as I had wanted to do. I will, however, do my best to keep these things in mind as I go about my prayer this evening. The rosary is something that I find immensely comforting. As a weekly practice, I will pray the five decade rosary every Monday, usually in the morning. Partly because I find prayer is an excellent way to start my day. Partly because this is when I have the least interruptions. And, partly, because this is when I feel the strongest pull to do so.

Some would think it odd that I would be so strongly inclined towards the rosary. I come from a family that is of Protestant Christian leanings and I was raised atheist/agnostic. It is something that one would think I would find awkward and difficult. It is, however, something that has come to me quite surprisingly with ease. I like to think that this is merely another sign that I am supposed to do this. The rosary comforts me and evokes a sense of peace that reminds me that Dea is with me in all things.

Three days ago, it was the minor feast of Maia's day. Maia is one of the angels of fate. She is the spinner of the threads that make up the fabric of reality as we know it. Maia could be considered by some to be an icon of Dea as the cosmic Mother. Happenstance resulted in my observing a fast from meat that day. I spent my day focused upon the sacred work of being a mother. (Because I truly believe that such work is holy.) When I wasn't busy at those tasks, I took time to work on my spinning and meditate upon Maia's role.

I do not think it was pure coincidence that Maia's day fell upon the day that is associated with Frigga. Frigga is a goddess of domestic things, along with a laundry list of other associations. A goddess of motherhood and spinning, I couldn't help but find parallels between her and Maia. It was something that continually returned to my mind as I was spinning out that terribly fine thread from blue merino wool and white angora bunny fur on the Turkish styled spindle that I had made myself.

It was something that resonated greatly with me. I still haven't managed to fully puzzle out the meaning of it. As I meditate upon this, something may occur to me or perhaps some synchronistic event will illuminate the deeper meanings that I am not noting right now. Right now, it is enough that I have made progress in integrating the sacred calendar of my Filianic faith into the secular calendar of my life. I expect that Dea will provide more for me to continue to make progress upon this path.

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  1. I like this expanded rosary a lot, thanks for the great idea!