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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A meditation on the suffering of the Daughter.

Today, as I was in the midst of my suffering and struggles with my illness, the duties of being a stay at home mom, and the frustrations of physical ailments, I was suddenly struck by a most powerful vision. It shook me and while it did not relieve my suffering (if anything, it made it keener), I couldn't help the profound sense that this was at the heart of all the suffering in the world.

I was shown the Daughter in a dark place. She stood tall and proud, as graceful as a birch in early spring. Then a hand came out of the shadows and struck her. As She reeled to the side, another hand came out. Blows fell fast and from all directions. Her white body began to purple with bruises but still her faceless attackers continued to strike at her.

What started with hands soon began to include feet and clubs. The Daughter gradually began to kneel as the beating proved too much for her body to bear. Hands then dragged her to her feet by her hair, ripping some of it out as they did so. They cycled through this several times. So awful was that beating that she looked scarcely alive. Only the light in her eyes revealed that she continued to live when her body was so broken by the blows that she could not stand or shudder as her attackers continued to rain assault upon her.

She then locked eyes with some figure that I could not see and, with a sigh, expired.

Some ask why is there suffering in the world, I asked this myself earlier. This vision was the answer given to me. When we suffer, She suffers. When we are cruel to others, we join the Dark Queen's daughters in raining abuse upon Our Lady. Could she have defended herself from their blows? Perhaps, if she had been given a chance. Out numbered and unarmed, Our Lady was at their mercy, though mercy is a far cry from what she received.

It is difficult for me to find comfort in this vision. It moves me to sorrow and anger that she must suffer so. Such unjust torment, such torture, for being born and existing? It is a egregous wrong and I am moved to tears by it. Furthermore, I am moved to tears that my failures to be a compassionate and caring person, my actions that add to the suffering of others, not only causes suffering to others but add to the suffering of Our Lady.

I pray for forgiveness and mercy. For I know, the Daughter is ever merciful. When she arises and returns to the world, she does not bring a stern rebuke to those whose actions added to her suffering. She instead brings them compassion, understanding, and gentle correction. Rather then punish, she treats it as a 'teachable moment' and strives to bring those who err into correction through her grace.

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