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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Meditation Upon Gratitude.

Gentle Reader,

I have struggled over the last several days with illness (truthfully, it has been longer but my symptoms over the last two weeks have been particularly acute) and found myself struggling to bear witness to the good that is in my life. Depression has been a constant foe and I have prayed regularly for this burden to be lifted from me. It is with some difficulty that I write this week's missive. In the midst of my overwhelming sorrow and despairing of my fears possibly proving greater then my will to surmount them, I look about me and see very many things to be grateful for.

Gratitude is far more powerful then one realizes. In the depths of darkness, it can prove a mirror that reflects the light of hope that is streaming down upon us from that bright place we recall being at before our times of trouble. It can be a lifeline when we struggle with past sorrows or future fears. In focusing upon that which we are thankful for, we rewire our minds to a more positive mindset.

That minor change in thinking has tremendous long range impact. It is a subtle shift that permits one who is trapped in despair to see the faintest glimmer of a way out of that state. Gratitude when we are in our greatest time of need is also a tremendous act of courage. Indeed, some would say it is also a tremendous act of faith as well.

For, when we say that we are thankful for something, we express faith that it will remain and that the positive effects will persist. Some days, I find myself thankful for things that others would declare profound. On days like I have had over the last little while, I express gratitude for small things that most others would take for granted. The profound has its roots in the small daily gratitude. How can I say that I am thankful for depthless love and fail to be thankful for the constant unfurling of that love? The same can be said for many other things.

I, in this moment, am most humbly grateful for your readership and your willingness to walk with me upon this winding path. I apologize that I have not been as prompt or prolific in my posting as I had intended. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I strive to do more as the gods will it. May it be that you are blessed in all things and that my missive brings you a ray of hope in your hour of darkness.

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