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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Serving in Love.

February's full moon is known as the Hunger moon. At one time, this was the month where winter supplies were very nearly exhausted and game became scarce for our ancestors. It is a luxury for many of us that this month is not such a lean time. This luxury, however, is not something we should wallow in. Dea calls to us to serve as bearers of her light in the darkness of this season. Among the ways we do this is by serving our community.

In honor of the coming Hunger moon, I ask you, gentle Reader, to take something from your pantry stores and give it to charity. There are many people in the world who are going hungry for want of food. Food pantries and similar programs struggle to meet the needs of these people year round. Following the glut of giving that comes during the 'holiday' season, the abrupt drop of resources given makes this month all that much harder for those programs to provide for those who are in need. I ask that you take from your largess and give to your neighbors who are in need out of a sense of love for your fellow man.

If you are unable to donate food, find another means to give back to your community. I personally am continuing to make hats for the local NICU and I will be making additional articles to give to the homeless to help them stay warm through out this bitterly cold season. It is my dear hope that we might show the world that our gods care for them as well through our actions. Love only grows greater when it is shared. And our communities grow stronger and healthier the more we share that love with them through compassionate action.

If you are in search of places you can possibly donate and you are in the WNY area, consider the following:

Food Bank of WNY

Rochester Homeless Shelters and Services for the Needy
Buffalo Homeless Shelters and Services for the Needy

Chances and Changes (Domestic Violence Program)

Teresa House Comfort Care Home (Hospice for the Terminally Ill)

When all else fails, do a web search with your zip code in and the terms "food bank", "homeless shelter", "domestic violence", and "hospice." Or contact your county's department of social services. They can direct you to programs that are always looking for another pair of hands to help lighten the load.

Go out there and do some good, my friends. And thank you.

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