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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Luciad Eve.

The Filianic high feast of Luciad is tomorrow. This evening, many are observing Imboleg. And then there are the folks who observe Candlemas. All three of these celebrations mark the closing of the Winter season. I haven't anything grand and wonderful planned for Luciad.

I have candles to be blessed. One is a traditional taper, one is a pink novena candle, and then there is my small pile of tea light candles. I also will be blessing my electric candles, because I can leave those on all night with out fear of burning the house down and they should be blessed as well. I won't be making a Bride's Bed or weaving Bridget's cross out of wheat because I haven't any of the things for that.

I will, however, make a point of invoking Sai Raya to bring light into the darkness of the season. I will be invoking Sai Vikhë as the Janya who bear's Sai Raya's heat into the world to bring us warmth and respite from the bitter cold. At the same time, I will be asking for Sai Mati to bear Sai Raya's light into the world. Basically, I'll be calling on three angels (well, angel isn't quite strong enough but most of my readers get a bit lost if I use Janya) to bring warmth and light for the hastening of Spring. I will also be saying a prayer to Marya, the Bright Mother of the Filianic trinity, to bring health, healing, and welfare to the world. Because with all the anguish I have seen in the news and all the suffering that I hear about in my neighborhood, I think that kind of plea is timely.

I will also be at the beginning of something new that I'm doing. From Luciad until Valentine's day (which several folks in the Filianic community celebrate as Amity day - Love day), I will be working on expressing love and affection to the gods and the world at large in demonstrations that are tangible and intangible. It may be writing love poetry for Freyr or making cookies with my kids. I will continue working on my manuscript (which is about half finished) and try to imbue each word with love for my eventual readers. I don't know if the novena candle is going to last through that whole time, but if it doesn't then I just get another candle when I grocery shopping next Saturday. I'll try to keep you all appraised as to how this experiment goes.

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