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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Advent Week I : Prophecy

The tradition of the Advent wreath is one that was borrowed from the Christian community. It is a practice where the faithful watches and awaits the coming of the Daughter of the Mother Marya. There are four candles placed within the wreath and a fifth in the center. Three of the candles about the wreath are purple. The fourth is pink. The fifth candle is white.

Within the Christian community, the candles all are associated with a special meditative focus for the week. Week one is Prophecy. In the Christian faith, homage is given to the prophets who foretold the birth of their savior. It may seem a bit curious for the practitioners of the Filianic and Déanic faith to give homage to prophets when the holy scriptures are so quiet upon the matter. It is, however, a thing to note that the scriptures themselves are the fruit of prophets.

They are tales and parables of Our Lady and her most blessed Mother as recorded by divinely inspired hands. The body of literature recorded slowly grows as people who are inspired by Dea and guided by her present their work. It is fitting that we give thanks for this continually revealed gift from Dea. Each blessed detail revealed guides us deeper into our relationship with Dea.

Also, it is good to remember that a prophecy is revealed with in the scriptures as well. The prophecy of the janya of the Star is one that tells all of Creation of the coming of the Daughter.
Be not afraid, for a new light is dawning over the world. Be not afraid but approach no further, for if you cannot look on me, how should you look upon my Lady, whose handmaiden I am?

This night shall a Child be born that shall be the Daughter of Light and the Princess of all the world. A Child is coming that shall carry the light of Dea into every part of Creation; even the most desolate of the places of darkness. Rejoice, poor wanderers of the earth and exiles from the house of your Mother, for to you shall come a Guide and Deliverer.

~ Mythos of God the Daughter, Chapter 2, Verses 8 & 10-12*
May Dea bless you and your home.

* All scripture quotes are from The Gospel of Our Mother God; Aristasian version, 1st Edition. ISBN: 978143829699

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