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Monday, May 25, 2015

Florimaia: Feast of the Flowers

Today is the holy day of Florimaia. Flowers are especially important within the Filianic belief systems because they are viewed as signs of Dea's grace. They are also part of Mysteries of Eastre, where they were strewn before the Daughter upon her return from the Netherworld and when the Daughter treads upon them the flowers are unbruised and whole after her passing.

Florimaia is a celebration that is, in many respects, wholly of this world. This does not make it any less important of a celebration, but it is very firmly rooted (if you'll for give the pun) in the manifest world. Flowers are given as gifts between Dea and the world. They demonstrate her loving regard for us. They show us that beauty exists in even the most impoverished soil (be it spiritual or physically). They are a distinct sign of her grace and blessing.

At the same time, we offer flowers to Dea as signs of our high regard for her and in a gesture of appreciation for the blessings she has given us. We offer them in bloodless sacrifice to honor her. And, flowers are offered up to Dea as a gesture of childlike adoration for our Bright Mother.

This year, Florimaia falls on the date of the secular holiday Memorial Day. (I am based out of the USA, this is a reflection of this.) My flowers have not yet budded out. I honestly don't know if they have survived this crazy weather we have been having. I did, however, place one of the paper poppies that I got from the VFW on my shrine in offering. In giving this offering, I not only am honoring Dea but asking that she extends her blessing and protection over all branches of the military and grant the Mighty Dead blessed repose and rest in their afterlife.

It is a very small gesture. In terms of purchasing flowers, it is a pauper's purchase. At the same time, however, it is what I have to give and I believe it will be well received because of that. Because a mother cherishes every gift given from her child, even if it is the least pebble found upon the ground.

May the flowers of Dea's blessing and grace surround you and fill your life with divine light.

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