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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

On the Hands of Dea.

Orthodox Filianism and Reform Filianism caution us against meditating upon the form of Dea. The reasoning is that we become too focused on humanizing the sacred and reducing the stature of the Mistress of All things and her Daughter to mere objects. When one considers the world history of meditating upon the attributes of the Divine, though, it becomes possible to see that through contemplation of the part one might become more aware of the whole. Indeed, this is something we do when we meditate upon her Love. Meditating upon her form is only slightly less abstract. It becomes an easier way to align our minds towards Dea and to identify as her child when we consider the forms that she has revealed herself to the world because we might see similarities between that form and our own.
I have spent some time meditating upon the hands of Dea. In the Creation, she fashions all of existence with her clever hands. All things that exist bear some mark of their maker, just as clay will bear the impression of the potter's fingerprints. We are not only shape according to her will and in her image, but by her blessed hands when the first daughter was lifted from the reflection on the primordial waters. That most holy touch is remembered by all of existence. For it imparts a blessing upon all that is because it lingers on in that proverbial fingerprint.

Dea's hands are well known for how she shattered the gates of Hell. The Mistress of All Things and her Daughter bring our liberation from the trap of khear in their hands. The Daughter surrenders all signs of her status and protections given to her to gain entrance in to the Netherworld. She does so with her blessed hands, giving away all that she has for the sake of we, the lost and entrapped. The Bright Mother rends the gates of the Netherworld and bears the liberation of her Daughter and all who are lost within khear with her holy hands. These mighty deeds are performed through hands that weave tremendous grace for all who trust in them. Through the deeds of the Bright Mother and the Daughter, we become aware of their will to save us from our error and their compassion for our suffering.

To say that Dea gives many gifts is to make an enormous understatement. Still, let us examine a few to consider the implications of them. From the hands of the Daughter, we are given the holy rite of sacrifice. Through this rite, we become one in her body and spirit. It elevates us from the depths we have fallen and draws us closer to her. The rite of sacrifice is one that enacts the mysteries of the Daughter's sacrifice and revival on the simplest of planes. By participating in this mystery, we are blessed and partake a measure of holiness into ourselves. This strengthens the light of Dea within us and fortifies our souls for the journey homeward that we make through our many incarnations.

Also, from the hands of the Daughter, we receive the fruit of wisdom, represented as an apple in the scriptures. This is a gift that allows us to become into greater thamë with Dea's will. Being thamelic (harmonious) with Dea's will speeds us along the golden path up the sacred mountain to Heaven. In time, we shall reach our destination, union with Dea. This will come from the grace of the Daughter's sacrifice and our lifetimes of effort to move with harmony to Dea's will. We can not accomplish this with out the gift of wisdom that directs our steps upon the golden path.

And, the greatest gift, from the hands of the Bright Mother, comes her Daughter. The Princess of the World and Queen of Heaven, the Daughter completes the glory of creation and all the realms of existence. This gift is priceless beyond words. It brings Dea to the fallen creation and restores a measure of the holiness that was present in the time-before-time. This gift allows us the grace of looking upon Dea with out being blinded by her presence. It allows of the enormous force of the Bright Mother's love to be gentled into something that does not sweep us away and overwhelm us. It takes that force and turns it into something that we can interact with in measures that we can understand to some extent. And, the Daughter, as Priestess of the World, brings our liberation from khear and the Dark Queen's sway.

Let us not forget that the Mother cradles all her children with those holy hands. She holds us in her embrace and protects us from evil with them. Her hands are always gentle upon us, giving guidance and encouragement when needed or giving us aid and succor when needed. Dea reaches into creation and touches all that is with her blessed hands. She gives to us all manner of comfort and love through those gentle touches.

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