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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

30 Days for Freyr? Book projects? What to do?

I attempted July for Loki again this year and made it through most of the month. I have been getting a push to do the 30 Days for Freyr meme. I am not going to do it all in the month of August, however. I have so much going on between the kids, back to school, and all of the business of being SAHM, I am pretty sure that I can not manage 30 consecutive days of original content regarding one topic.

I will be blogging more about Filianic topics in the near future. I have a post that I wanted to make last weekend about Chelanya, Freyfaxi, and Lughnassadh. I only have the bare bones of an outline kicking around in my notebook. I'm hoping that I will get enough quiet time tomorrow to write it. I have some meditations regarding Dea as Mother and Dark Mother. I am also working on compiling more prayers and meditations as I go through the year. It is my hope to share some of them as well.

Amongst the writing that I have in progress, I am collecting my visions and the interpretations of said visions into a manuscript. It is a bit slow going because I am ploughing through approximately twenty years of notes. It kinda amazes me when I look at the sheer volume of paper that I have acquired over the years. At some point, I will have to convert it to digital format for the sake of organization. But, I did reference the work in progress in A Year with Dea. It is my goal to have it completed and to market by the Autumnal Equinox. As of right now, it is about 25% finished.

I expect that once school is in session I will get a ton of work done on it in fairly short order.


  1. Having Hausblot/Mabon ritual ADF style. Any good sources for prayera in old Norse?

  2. Unfortunately, I can not assist you with this. I would recommend, however, looking into the writings of Northern Tradition authors such as Galina Krasskova and Raven Kaldera. I have found a good deal of inspiration from their works. You also may find inspiration from Heather Freysdotter's blog ( ). She is currently participating in the 30 days for Freyr thing as well. If nothing else, they might be able to point you in the right direction for more information.