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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Blasting stones.

In the process of my study of the 'dark' side of magic, I found myself reading about nithing poles and related items from different cultures. This got me to thinking and questioning, is it possible to have an item that is charged with a general purpose or a specified curse that would be released upon being thrown. (Don't ask me how I made that leap, I am not sure myself how I got there to be honest.) This resulted in my tinkering a bit and doing some experimentation.

After a bit of experimentation, I came up with what I call blasting stones. My set of blasting stones are glass pebbles that you can get at a craft store. I haven't found the right type of stones to use for this purpose. I know that when I do, the glass pebbles are getting replaced. I used an odd number of stones because in my experimentation, I found that things that are oddly numbered and dissonant lend themselves better towards this kind of thing. When writing a curse, I will make a point of making sure it doesn't rhyme or have some sort of musical quality to it. (The number of curses that I have made that break this little 'rule' of mine numbers in the single digits.)

I then charge the stones with the curse that I wish to inflict. I key the curse so that it is released when the stones are cast in the direction of the target. I often accompany the curse with a visual of a stone being thrown at the target. Then, when I find myself in a position where I require a curse but with out the time to formulate one, I would toss a blasting stone in the direction of my target. The more stones tossed in their direction, the stronger the curse.

The stones can be cleansed and reset to a 'neutral' state before being loaded with another curse if you wish to recycle them. At the same time, it is possible to use common gravel for this purpose so that you can charge your stones with the curse, toss the stone, and move on to something else with out having to retrieve the stone.

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