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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Youtube videos.

I have begun the process of uploading my videos to Youtube. I will post a link to my channel when I have the entire set up. I am considering additional videos as exclusive Youtube content. I will let you know what the final decision is on that one after the holidays. Considering that it is the holiday season, I don't anticipate having all of the videos up until early January.

I will still try to do my weekly video message. I may even show off gifts I'm going to be giving people as I get them done. (But don't let them know, it is supposed to be a surprise!)

Speaking of crafting, I have not forgotten about the snood pattern. I simply haven't had the opportunity to sit down and work out how I made them. I will, after the holidays most likely, be getting that up. It will be posted on my non-witchery blog. I anticipate posting several patterns on there next month, actually, because I'm taking notes as to how I am making things this time around.

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