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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Divination: Blank Cards

The use of blank cards for divination is a bit of an advanced intuitive technique. It is one that is not difficult but it depends heavily upon the spread for interpretation versus the card itself. Thus if you are using the Celtic Cross, the information you will be drawing out from the card is going to be focused more intently upon the details associated with that card position than from what can be drawn from the image upon the card. For the purposes of this post, I am going to be discussing the cards as if they are placed out in the Celtic Cross format.

Your equipment is nothing fancy. I use a standard pack of blank index cards. They're easy to acquire and don't require any special care to maintain them. If you really wanted, you could use 52 slips of paper. I use index cards because they're easier to shuffle and lay out. I use the full package of cards but I have also used 52 cards. The number of cards is not fixed and needs only be enough to complete your spread.

Where some people when doing the Celtic Cross has the querent select a card to represent themselves in the spread, with this method it is not necessary. Have the querent shuffle the deck of cards with their query firmly in mind. Then lay out the cards in the correct orientation.

With this technique, you will note it is impossible to have cards in a direct or reversed orientation. This is something I find appealing about this technique because it simplifies the reading. After laying out the cards, start reading them. When you are focusing upon an individual card, it is helpful to touch the card. This helps one to tune into the card's meanings better because it does not allow for the other cards to distract you.

Holding your first card, look at it with your mind's eye. A symbol will appear or you will have a series of emotional and mental impressions. Interpret these as if they were symbols from a dream. When interpreting the symbols, remember to keep your card's position in mind. This will color the meanings of the symbol and impressions you receive from the card. If it is difficult to keep the different symbols in mind and impressions ordered by the card positions, it may be helpful to write down on the card what impressions you received or the primary symbol.

Writing down the symbols as you use the cards is a way to develop your own divination deck unique to what your spirit and psyche communicated with to your conscious mind. While your resulting deck will not be as pretty as most divination decks, it will prove more effective for you because it uses your personal language of symbols which will be easiest for you to decipher.

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