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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Question Time: How to do relationships with gods work? (pt. 2)

In my post yesterday, I talked a little bit about the relationships that I have with Freyr and Loki. Let me talk a little about the stuff that I do on my side of the relationship. I am a devotional polytheist.

Just because there is a relationship beyond petitioner-deity happening, I am not in a position where I can skip devotional work. In truth, my devotional work load increases because of it. I have daily offerings that I make. They're usually those of candles, food, and drink. I try to make sure that these offerings are fresh and pleasant. Loki's made clear to me how he likes his coffee. (It's like how I do it. He's even gone so far as to steal my cup of coffee because I didn't get his made fast enough.) He's got his own special cup and everything. Freyr is more into tea and he enjoys his tea super sweet. Sometimes he surprises me by requesting coffee. I have been giving Odin offerings of alcohol (with a part of the alcohol offering also going to Loki). He has, however, been approving of coffee offerings.

I will give offerings of work to them. I will dedicate my writings to them. I have written things down by dictation. I have written visions down as they unfolded. It's been a fairly wide range of how that one works out. I also will offer my efforts to improve myself to their honor. Freyr has taken a decided interest in how I am working to improve my physical well being. Loki and Odin are more interested in the psychological stuff. Not that the three of them don't exchange issues from time to time, but that is where the effort falls most of the time.

I will do psychic work for others as an offering to Odin. He's been working on getting me to the point where I am doing readings more often. Odin's been patient with me but I suspect that patience is beginning to wear thin. More situations where I am doing readings randomly for people I know on Facebook have been popping up and I suspect that the All Father is behind that. (Oh, in case I didn't clarify it before now, Odin has stepped into the paternal role on the spirit side of things.) He has been guiding me in my efforts to broaden my knowledge base about magical study things too. Working with Frejya, Odin has been teaching me more magic. I'm still not entirely sure about what I am supposed to be doing with it, but I think that will be revealed later.

I try to spend some quiet time with the gods every day. Usually, it is a bit of time meditating before I go to sleep at the end of the day. And this usually has us having conversations via psychic contact. I talk about pretty much anything that is on my mind. Some days, Freyr just sits with me, an arm wrapped around my shoulders, and listens. Other days, he will talk to me about the stuff I mention. On occasion, he will start the conversation and we talk about stuff. And then there are the days where Loki is present. And those days... they are very revealing. Loki doesn't mince words. he's very direct about things and telling me what he thinks. Some would call it abrupt, I think brutal honesty is a better description for it. Sometime, Freyr and Loki are around at the same time. This can turn into my talking with both of them. Or I am listening as they talk to each other. Or I'm talking with one as the other adds comments from time to time.

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