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Monday, January 18, 2016

Godphone: Can it be taught?

In my last divination post, I introduced the concept of 'godphone.' The majority of what you read about this ability presents it as something that you are either born with or have magically bestowed upon you by some higher power. While there are people who have an inborn talent for this type of divination, it is not a thing that is strictly based in your DNA. It is a set of skills that can be acquired.

At its most basic, the most important skill for 'godphone' is the ability to listen. It may come as a shock, but the ability to listen and truly pay attention to what someone is saying is vital to this form of divination. Where you may be perceiving information in a slightly different fashion than having someone sitting physically in the room talking to you, the same skills of active and thoughtful listening are employed. It is as important as discernment is (another positively vital skill to acquire for any form of divination work).

Building up the skills to 'hear' things that are happening around you are fairly simple. After a few months of practice, it is something that most anyone can do on a limited level. It is merely a matter of learning what to listen for and how to do it. But the ability to 'hear' does not equate to the ability to listen. It is possible to hear someone speaking and not understand a word they are saying, despite the fact that they are speaking your native language and using commonly understood terms. It happens every day to a shocking degree in our daily lives.

Attentive listening skills, however, are useful for more than just telling when a deity, spiritual entity, or the dead are talking to you. They can help improve the quality of your life and resolve problems. Most people I have encountered who want to pick up the skill of 'godphone' come in two varieties. One variety is looking to build up their personal connection with the Divine and are seeking to experience more in an effort to establish greater clarity and connection. The other variety are seeking the novelty (and attendant drama) of an esoteric skill. (These are the people who pick up the trappings of occult practice for the sake of shocking someone with how edgy they are.) The first variety usually have greater success in their efforts than the latter.

Now, one may wonder why this is the case. From what I have seen, the people of the first group are looking to engage in actual communication. 'Godphone' is not the same thing as watching television. There is a give and take to the exchange that requires the listener to participate in the communication, even if it is just listening attentively. These people are working towards a goal that is intended to be a long term benefit.

The second group, however, are generally less willing to put in the serious effort for something that they feel should be as easy as hearing people who are physically in a room. Indeed, it frequently happens that people in that second group will get frustrated with their efforts because they are not practicing that all important skill of active listening. It is hard to actively listen to something, to anything, when you are too busy focusing on what you want out of it and you're distracted by your own thoughts.

I just want to put this out here for everyone to know. Acquiring the skill known as 'godphone' is not as simple as just reading a book and putting together a small puzzle. It is more like learning a new exercise that requires you to use your muscles in ways that you haven't before. There will be discomfort and there will be struggles. It is, however, a skill that can allow an individual to gain a great deal more personal power on their path to enlightenment and wisdom. Becoming less dependent on others for your communication with the Divine is a step that moves you closer to building a relationship that more closely meets your needs.

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