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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Video Message: Don't give up.

I know that for many of us life is trying right now. Some are struggling with health issues. Others are struggling with financial ones. And yet more people are dealing with complicated things that we can not begin to imagine. As tempting as it may be to compare our suffering to someone else's it really won't help solve the problem. It will only hurt and frustrate us.

Take some time when you are feeling that everything is going against you to pause and reflect on the things that are working in your favor. Find the details that show you are moving in the right direction and focus on them. We're socialized to look at the bad side of the picture and compare ourselves to others. This is a terrible combination of things that causes a lot of hurt in this world.

Don't tell yourself 'At least I don't have it as bad as [group}.' or 'I have no right to complain, so many other people have it worse.'

Pain is pain. It may take on different shapes and everyone has different tolerances for different kinds of pain. Don't invalidate your experience by making comparisons. Treat yourself gently, focus on the positive things, and don't give up.

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