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Friday, January 8, 2016


Hi folks,

I've been somewhat ill of late. This has made posting difficult. My bipolar has been particularly challenging in the manifestation of a rather nasty depressive episode. I think I am beginning to be on the upswing. That said, I am still in the process of plotting out new material for this year. I have a rough outline for the divination posts for Mondays.

Tuesdays are going to focus more on the mechanics of spellcraft. It is my goal to provide you with the tools to be successful at basic witchcraft and some interesting tidbits for more advanced practitioners. I will also be sharing the things that I am presently learning about and the techniques that I am refining. Along with my discussions of the mechanics of it all and techniques, I am going to demonstrate for you the best way that I have found for tracking magical efforts.

I am seriously considering dropping the herbalism posts on Wednesdays. It really isn't my strong suit and there are others who have done a much better job handling this topic. I haven't concluded what I am going to replace it with. I am contemplating resuming more in depth discussion of theology here. If it happens that there is a regular flow of questions on pretty much any aspect of witchcraft or paganism, this may be the day for questions getting answered. (Which honesty would be an auspicious day for it because of it being Odin's day and it being Sai Mati's day, both of whom are associated with wisdom and learning.)

I will be resuming my Thursday video posts next week (provided I feel well enough). I am, however, at a bit of a loss for topics to cover. Please send your suggestions to me or comment on this post with what you would like to see me cover. I want to keep the uplifting theme here for these videos, because there is too much focus in the world on negative things. It gets depressing to keep hearing about the horrible things happening in the world. So, at the very least, the videos will be my best attempt to give encouragement and optimistic hope to you.

My Friday recommendations are a bit stalled. I haven't had the opportunity to explore new things or check out the shops of several individuals I know. I hope to do that some over the coming year (the shops thing) and I am in the midst of trying to figure out the best ways to scrounge up new tricks to make witchcraft easier and more effective. (As a parent of two very active kids with some challenging educational needs, anything that makes life easier and more effective is great, if you know what I mean.)

I have been hit or miss on my Saturday posts. I am sincerely sorry about this. I think I will be combining the Saturday posts about what's going on in my life on the spiritual aspect of things with my 'opinion column' on Sundays. I am also going to start turning the focus back to how to do devotional paganism. There will be a new tag for those posts. I may also collect them to their own special page and post a link to the series.

This is what I have been working on and what my plans are going forward. I am still working the kinks out of some of my ideas and organizing material. I expect, however, that starting next Monday, I will be getting back to my scheduled posts.

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