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Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy Julian New Year!

I'm five days late but my life has been chaotic over the last two weeks, so this turned into the earliest opportunity I could post this sentiment. It is the first Monday of 2016 and I am excited to let you know the themes coming up for the divination posts over the next three months. I will be collecting the links for each series of posts and putting them together when I complete the series. The posts that are a series of lessons for how to use different divination systems will be listed on the Lessons section of the sidebar to the right by system with a link to the page that has all the links collected.

The first divination system I will be covering this year is one that has become the center of a great many discussions last year. The 'godphone' has been a big point of interest and I thought that it would be wise to provide the most comprehensive discussion of this practice as I possibly can. Contrary to popular opinion, I am of the mind that this is a skill that an be acquired through diligent effort, not something that is purely talent based. As such, I will be giving some lessons in this series to help someone acquire the basics of the skill.

The second divination system I will be covering is not exactly a system. Precognition is something that is fairly common, though not discussed often. In this series of posts, I will be covering what it is and the two varieties that I personally am aware of. I will also be providing rituals for invoking this experience. With both divination practices, I will be discussion how to handle if you don't get any results from them. This will, in both cases, include a brief discussion about the role talent plays in these practices. I am sure it will be something that provokes some discussion in the community, which is my hope.

The 'godphone' series of posts is going to cover the first two months of the year (starting next Monday). If there is any questions that you wish for me to cover in addition to what I will be presenting, please send them to me at my e-mail address. I will also be firing up my Keen site again and being available for divination sessions. If you don't have access to Keen, contact me at my e-mail address and we'll discuss matters.

The precognition series of posts is going to cover more than the third month. It will actually be three month series of posts. It is my intent to discuss the different varieties of precognition and how I understand them to work. I will also be giving rituals to invoke precognitive experiences. I generally recommend keeping a journal of your divination practices. I have found that with tracking precognition, this is an invaluable tool. I may post a picture of how I organize my information in my journal.

After these two topics are covered, I will post what the next set of topics for the next few months will be. Before I start writing the posts, I invite you to send me your questions. The questions that I will be addressing with respect to divination systems are going to be focused upon how the system works, how to use it, and what kind of results can be expected. If you desire a reading, please note that in the subject line of your e-mail. I will resume the 'Question Time' thread on Wednesdays. Your questions may be featured for individual posts. If you do not wish to have me refer to you by the name that is attached to the e-mail account you have sent your questions to me under, let me know. I will use initials or a pseudonym that you have chosen.

New things are brewing, so look for additional posts like this one over the remainder of the week. Thanks for sticking with me over the last year. Let's make this year a great one. As always, send your suggestions and questions to me.

The e-mail address you can reach me at is cydira(at)aol(dot)com. Have a beautiful day, everyone! ♥

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