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Friday, September 25, 2015

I recommend this: reading edition.

Cara Freyasdaughter has an excellent blog she runs on Wordpress. There is a special vibrancy to her posting that I really admire. She is someone who is actively living their faith. I find that something to be admired and emulated. She also is a regular contributor on Patheos. Her most recent post on Patheos is really good.

She provides a lot of fantastic information about Heathenry. With a solid background in lore and scholarship, Cara Freyasdaughter presents many fascinating details about her faith. She has a very accessible writing style and a delightful personality. On Freya:The Gold Thread, she presents a combination of accounts of her personal experiences with the gods, interesting instructional material, and wonderful spiritual information. I highly recommend the series of posts entitled Love Notes from Freya. While it is currently not having more added to it by Ms. Freyasdaughter, there is enough posted there from past posts that it is still a very full and uplifting experience. (Ms. Laine Delaney is jumping in to help continue the posts on her blog, Pagan Church Lady at Wordpress. Another blog that I can not recommend highly enough.)

If you are interested in Heathenry and are looking for information about the experience of practicing this faith and more information, Ms. Freyasdaughter's work is a truly excellent place to begin.

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