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Sunday, September 6, 2015

30 days of Freyr: Day V

How does Freyr show his love for me?

He shows it by fortuitous happenings. He shows it by unflagging support and encouragement when I attempt something new. He shows it by simply listening to my worries and concerns. He shows it through advice on how to handle challenges in my life. He shows it by letting me feel his presence (which can range from a sensation of warmth wrapped around me, which feels like standing in a summer sunbeam, to the ghostly sensation of arms around me or a kiss upon my brow).  He shows it by never uttering an unkind word, even when he is frustrated with me.

How do I show my love for Freyr?

I give him offerings and pray to him. I write devotional works in his honor. I dedicate my efforts in various tasks (such as tending my houseplants) to him. I will tell him I love him. I will reach out to him on the astral level and seek out his company. Sometimes it will be to just sit in his company. Sometimes it will be more intimate than that. I strive to be as present for him as he is for me.

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