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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Psychic Self Defense 101: Active Defense Techniques IV

Sometimes a talisman and focused attention to one's established psychic defenses is not entirely sufficient to repel a psychic attack. When a high level psychic attack is underway, the defender may show symptoms of having been cursed. This is not outside of the range of psychic attacks, because most basic curses are based in the projection of personal psychic energy alone. In the event of a high level psychic attack, the defense techniques from earlier will have limited success.

This is a case where spell craft is employed. One may ask, what does the role of prayer play in this case? Prayer can be considered theurgy of the religious variation. It is something that can be highly effective in the event of a psychic attack. By calling upon one's deity(s), spiritual allies, and ancestors, it is possible to acquire reinforcements to support your defense or for the defense to be completely taken over by those whom you have invoked. In general, spirit allies and ancestors will act as reinforcements or additional defenders against the attacker. When a deity is invoked, there is a measure of unpredictability for how their assistance will manifest.

It can be as simple as the deity banishing the psychic attack, completely nullifying it. Or, it can be as complex as the deity providing the defender tools with a ritual to repel the attack. I have personally had instances where deities I have invoked for assistance have poured energy into me, replenishing what I had spent in the defense and providing additional resources to use. And there have been times where I received instructions for what to do with said energy and others where I just have a whole heap of energy from the gods. Of the two experiences, honestly, receiving instruction with the energy was less nerve wracking.

The use of a hex breaking spell is generally sufficient to remove the effect of a severe psychic attack. Most attacks are singular in nature, even the severe ones. When the attack is nullified, the matter is generally concluded. There are times, however, where additional attacks will follow after the first. In these instances, one has the option to cast a stronger hex breaking spell or use a counter curse. Additionally, it is possible to confuse the attacker and diffuse the spell.

In the next post, I will be discussing counter-curses.

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