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Thursday, September 3, 2015

30 Days for Freyr: Day IV

What can I say about my beloved Freyr? He is as humble as the mighty oaks and as gracious as the waving grain. He is the quiet voice that tells me I can rise up again after I have been brought low, pushing onward like the waves to the shore. It is the quickening that moves the blood through my veins and pulses with the vibrations of life. He is the one who watches over me and my own with all kindness and love. He is the one that steadies me when I feel as though I am about to fall into the starry sky. He is the one who reveals to me the hidden places of my heart and opens my eyes to the boundless capacity for kindness that exists in the world. Freyr is all this and so, so much more. Everyday, I give thanks for his love and tender care through out the day. And when I fall asleep in his arms, I know that I am in a place of absolute safety.

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