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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Psychic Self Defense 101: Active Defense Techniques II

In the first part of this collection of posts, we discussed how to turn an attacker's assault back upon them. In some cases, however, this will not be sufficient. Thus, just as a person learning physical hand to hand self defense skills must learn to strike back, so too must we discuss this. Before I get in to details on how to do so, let me explain a little about why it works and why these techniques are used. In cases of persistent and repeated psychic assault from one or many individuals, simply turning the attack aside will not work to stop the assault. It may possibly lead to an increased intensity of assaults, actually.

A psychic encounter involves a connection between the sender and the receiver. In the instance of psychic assault, the sender is engaged in consensual contact. The receiver has a few different options on how to respond. One is to keep their shield up and let the attack strike it. Another is to deflect the attack, preferably back at the attacker. The third is to step into the attack and counter attack. Stepping into a psychic attack is much like stepping into a physical attack. There is a greater risk of the strike hitting you but it also give you the chance to stop the attack cold.

If the sender has contact and can send malevolent psychic energy at you, this means YOU have contact and can turn away the energy, turning back on the sender, or push through it and throw back the sender. Pushing through the psychic energy directed at you does two things. First, you deflect and to some extent scatter the energy projected at you. Secondly, it puts you in a position where you can respond to the attack before they can adapt their assault to what you are doing. The act of 'stepping into' an attack does raise the chances of the attack successfully landing on you if your shield is not solid.

When counter attacking, you have several options. The first is to mirror the attack they are making on you. You can also project malaise and discomfort onto them. And, aside from those options, you can also just throw raw energy at them with the intent of overwhelming them and 'burning out' their attack. The risk with throwing raw psychic energy at your attacker, however, is that they will take that energy and turn it upon you. Finally, you also have the option of drawing off their psychic energy.

Of the four options for counter attack, the one with the greatest risk of going awry is sending raw energy at them. The least problematic is the act of sucking energy off of your attacker. Still, if you are drawing off energy from them, there is the risk of acquiring what ever unhealthy psychic details that they have going on. It can range from picking up misama to the equivalent of contracting a spiritual illness. Generally, the act of making a psychic counter attack is one that should be held in reserve unless the defender is confident that they can shut down the attack quickly and manage to keep themselves free of entanglement in the attacker's energy. It is this entanglement that allows the transfer of miasma and other psychic/spiritual problems.

Counter attack, however, is not the only option for active defense that a person undergoing psychic attack has. In the next post, I will discuss talismans and rituals that are used for defensive purposes. I will also have links to a few defensive spells that I have posted on my other blog.

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