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Thursday, July 16, 2015

July for Loki # 11 Godphone (part 10)

Yes, I am leading my post off with a geeky joke. If you know binary, you will get the subject line and the jest. It was Flame Hair's idea. It is like the 'Dad jokes' that he drops from time to time. They're so bad that they're good. For example: what do you call a fish with no eyes? FSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I hear Loki on a regular basis. There are times where he has snarky commentary on what is going on. There are times where he has really good advice on how to handle a situation. (He is often excellent in his advice for parenting. Also on how to take stuff apart.) My 'godphone' gets exercised everyday. (Heh, he just said: No. Exorcized.) I feel really lucky that Loki is comfortable enough to let his hair down and do stuff like make suggestions on what kind of stuff I should cook. And informs me that my fashion sense is questionable when it comes to hairstyles half the time as well. I know that Loki has a lot of things on his plate. Just chilling with me as I am doing stuff around the house and derping on the internet is pretty remarkable when you consider how much he has to do.

But Loki doesn't just hang around and do the invisible best friend thing. He will also give me messages to pass on to people. He will tell me things that need to be done, help me interpret runes (sort of) and tarot cards (often). He has told me a few times that my 'godphone' is not just a gift for myself. He has on several different occasions told me that it is something that I should share with the world (with discretion) because it is needed. That threw me for a loop the first time he said that.

I asked him to explain it one time and his answer was this:

Sometimes, you are given a gift because it is just how you were built and you won the genetic/spiritual lottery. Sometimes, you are given a gift because you asked and it was given for your joy.
And sometimes, you are given a gift because you're on a mission from god.

By the way, folks, he was doing the whole Blues Brothers impersonation on that final statement. I asked him which of the three it was in my case. He laughed and told me that I had to figure that out on my own. I'm still not sure how it works out in my case, but I'm not troubled. When Loki (or pretty much any other deity) shows up with a message for someone, an agreement is reached and (most of the time) I pass the message on. Once in a while, I will turn down someone who wants me to convey a message. And I make a point of negotiating how the message is passed on and payment for services rendered (though there have been some cases where that measure was skipped).

Does this mean that when Loki tells me he wants me to pass on a message that I broker some kind of payment from him? No. He's a close personal friend and family to me. I treat things like I would with regular people. I don't know if it is arrogance to do that. I make a point of being respectful and I do my best to be as clever as I can manage (because Loki and Odin both have told me that is extremely important). I also will vet things with Loki and Odin because, honestly, they know a lot more about stuff like that than I do. For the most part, it's been Loki who has had opinions on how and when I pass messages on.

I don't know how that will evolve in the future. But I know this, Loki's got plans for me and my 'godphone.' I'm not sure if it is trolling the normals or something more serious. Either way, it is going to be an interesting ride. You could say that Loki is my co-pilot. The question is what exactly it is that I'm flying. Can't be sure, because I got blindfolded in the process. Loki says that makes things more interesting. WHEEE!!!

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