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Saturday, July 4, 2015

July for Loki post # 3 - Inappropriate humor and shenanigans.

You know how everybody has that one friend who makes the worst and most hilarious jokes at totally the wrong time? I have two. One is my husband. The other is Loki. The situation may be something that is solemn and serious. I'll be attending to it with all appropriate and serious demeanor when Loki drops a perverse joke that relates to the situation that leaves me struggling to maintain my composure whilst inwardly dying of laughter.

A recent example was when I learned that my grandmother died. I sat there in shock and trying to come to grips with it all when Loki said quietly to me, "Do you think she's going to berate your grandfather for leaving first?" I sat there baffled by what Loki said and trying to make sense of it. Then I remembered how my grandparents had their disagreements. I knew that grandma was one for giving the person she's irritated with the silent treatment. Thus, she wouldn't have berated my grandfather, just given him a distinct look of disapproval until he said something. It may have to be one of those 'you had to be there' kind of jokes, but I gave a little laugh. Was it what most people would have said was an appropriate thing to say when your friend learns that their beloved relative died? Nope, however, Loki knew that giving me something to laugh at in the situation was what would make it easier for me to deal with.

Also, Loki tends to suggest off the wall things. I have had it happen that I am grocery shopping when Loki pops up and starts putting in requests for stuff he wants me to get for him. When he says he wants chocolate, beer, and pickles, I look at him oddly. Or the time that he wanted Skittles and milk, in the same container. While I could make the joke that he's pregnant, the strange food combinations come regularly enough that I don't think it is pregnancy. I think it's just because he likes to see my expression when I wonder what has possessed him to ask for that food combination.

The goofball ideas are not just limited food and drink. He has also proposed suggestions for things I should make. It was from his idea that Beloved now has a beret that looks like a breast. He also has given encouragement to amusements that just confuse my husband. And then there is the stuff Loki does that makes me just do a double take because of the weirdness. The one example that stands out as an exceptional example of this was showing up in a purple velvet pimp holloween costume, complete with white tiger details, gold braid on the collar, and a cane, and neon green hair. Then he proceeded to quote Hamlet's soliloquy in a girlish falsetto, some how turning it into a bel canto aria. He did this because I was having a bad day and I was furious with the situation. It broke my brain a little bit, but it did jolt me out of the fuming mad state I was in before it happened.

Following Loki's suggestions sometimes leads to finding horrible yet funny things on the internet. I'd post links here but there have been so many that I wouldn't know where to begin. And then there are the pranks. Oh does he pull pranks on me. Like moving my keys from where I had them hanging to in the cookie jar. Or when he decides to 'help' me up the stairs i.e. assists me in falling UP the steps. And then there was the time where he replaced the book I had been doing research on spirituality things with a book of erotica. (Did I mention, that Loki's sense of humor varies widely and some of the most racy jokes and limericks I have ever heard of came from him. It is also where some of the worst puns I've encountered have come from as well.)

If things are too serious, Loki will drop something to break the tension. If things are just absolutely goofy, he will encourage it to get more surreal. Either way, Loki takes his humor seriously. Which is a little funny, considering that he has a reputation of not taking anything seriously. There's a reason why I style him as the Lord of Laughter. He's not always the class clown but he doesn't object to it that often either, in my experience. 

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