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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rosa Mundi & Summer Solstice 2015

Rosa Mundi is the celebration of the soul returning to union with Dea. It is a joyous time. It is also the first Fire Festival of the Filianic calendar. I spent time on Rosa Mundi doing my best to enjoy the delights of life. I also did my best to focus my inward thoughts upon the spark of Dea's light that burns within me. In the midst of the business of the day (because it fell on a Sunday and Father's Day), I found myself caught up in the nitty-gritty details of being a mother and I did not get to spend as much time in meditation as I wished.

Still, I made a point of giving offerings of flowers to the gods. If I had them, I would have happily laid roses on the altar and at my outdoor shrine to Dea. As it was, I had some dandelions from the front yard, a daisy, and some fleabane in a tiny nosegay on the altar and some blooms from my potted orange begonia at the outdoor shrine. It is my habit to offer flowers to Dea on the high holidays (Rosa Mundi being one of them) and when I offer flowers to Dea, I offer some to the other gods as well. Because it isn't right to give something to one and nothing to the others.

What time I was able to set aside for prayer, I focused my prayerful efforts on seeing justice done in the world and peace being brought into the world. I am deeply troubled by the violence and injustice that happens around the world on a daily basis. Thus, I have put a good deal of time into praying for the resolution of the problems that lead to these situations. I wish to do more to resolve the problems of the world, but currently prayer and magic are what I have to use. Perhaps, in time, I will be able to take more concrete steps towards this as well.

As a Fire Festival, Rosa Mundi is celebrated with bonfires (and fireworks, by some). I couldn't do this. Still, I burned several candles in honor of the day. I suppose you could say I had something of a poor man's fire celebration. The fire represents Dea's love and her presence in the world. She is the primordial source of light (and its attendant heat and such). Thus, fire is a very good earthly representation of her presence. (This is why I have a candle that I burn in honor of the Daughter's presence.)

The solar symbolism of Rosa Mundi is vast and revolves around demonstrating the Bright Mother's influence upon the world. The Angel Sai Raya is honored at this time. She is both a lens through which Marya's light is shone upon the world and a manifestation of Dea's presence. Sai Raya is the angel who bestows wealth and prosperity. She also gives vitality and health to the world. As Rosa Mundi, Sai Raya's presence is even more evident in the fecundity of the world and the coming prosperity of the harvest. Thus, at Rosa Mundi, there are many Filiyani who honor this Angel as well.

In my observance of the solstice, I did not focus strictly upon Rosa Mundi alone. I also poured out offerings of alcohol and gave sweets to the Norse gods in my life. I thanked them for the bounty that has come into my life by way of their hands. I praised their generosity and loving kindness. And I asked that they continue to keep me and mine in their care. I did spend some time on a spirit journey with Freyr in the evening after all the offerings and such were attended to.

We went to Alfheim and attended a celebration there*. It was a joyful evening feast. There was a large gathering of alfar and other wights there. A bonfire was burning. There was music, drinking, and dancing. It was just a huge party. I was a little nervous at first but after a little while, Freyr had convinced me to join the dancing and I had a good time. Apparently this midsummer's party is an annual thing and it is but one of many held thorough out Alfheim. And the party lasts for days. It was a pleasant spirit journey and I think the thing I enjoyed the most was watching Freyr let his hair down and have a good time.

* If it must be said, this is UPG. Other people's experiences will differ and I expect there will be those who will vigorously disagree with me.

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