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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July for Loki # 7 Meddler extraordinaire

I sometimes think that if Loki was in a room with a button labeled DO NOT TOUCH, he would totally poke it just to see what happens. On occasion, Loki gets bored. And when Loki gets bored, he starts looking for entertainment, just like any of us would do when bored. From this search for amusement, I find that Loki tends to meddle with stuff.

I can not say if his meddling is helpful or not, because it truly depends on the person and the situation. In my case, his meddling has been a double edged sword. On one hand, it has proven extremely helpful. At the same time, it has put me into very ... awkward positions. Loki regularly tells me that I take things too seriously. I'm pretty sure that the random occasions of extremely helpful meddling accompanied by some embarrassment are done, in part, to deflate some of my super serious attitude. I know that half the time, I look back on the moment and I laugh at myself. The other half the time, I'm sitting here feeling like a damn idiot. He's commented on that as well. 95% of the time, those comments are not amused or approving of said feeling.

Loki's meddling has resulted in things like my starting this blog, self publication of my books, and random occasions of really good (as in so good it is scary) luck. It has also resulted in my landing in positions where I am doing public speaking (which is difficult for a social phobe like me) or where I am doing something that draws a whole lot of positive attention to myself. Again, something that is very difficult for me to handle for various reasons, none of them pleasant. His meddling has also resulted in my getting over my anxiety on all things Freyr. He did the 'Hey, I've got someone you have to see. They're cool.' and Freyr walks into the room as Loki took off for elsewhere several times. And more matchmaker stuff. Or, as I like to say, he all but threw me at Freyr.

Fortunately, Freyr is ... good with his hands and caught me. And Loki is now laughing like a madman at my mild chagrin at the innuendo. He's accused me of being a prude from time to time as well, in case I haven't mentioned it.  I have also had my shyness declared adorable. All the fun things that are sweet and maddening at the same time that comes with having Loki as a friend. Some days, I get frustrated with things and Loki will upset my proverbial apple cart in his meddling. At the time, I get angry. Then after I have calmed down, I realize that I really needed to have someone shake me out of that mental rut.

Loki is good for that. He also has a habit of making me laugh when I am angry or making the raunchiest jokes when I feel I absolutely need to stay focused on propriety. I'm pretty sure this is an extension of his meddling. At the same time, I've noticed a good amount of his meddling comes along with his at times baffling and weird sense of humor.On the whole, however, Loki's meddling has been beneficial or at least a complete change of pace.

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