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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July for Loki # 8 Magician

Loki has a reputation as a trickster. He also has a reputation as a magician. (This may include the black top hat rabbit producing variety, but I'm focusing on the other type, the spell crafter.) He has suggested spells to help me accomplish goals, ward off harm, and heal injuries. He has also suggested spells that would inflict suffering, render enemies powerless, and bring people who have wronged me/others to justice. Loki's influence upon my spell craft is fairly subtle. He generally isn't one to sit down and give me a complete spell unless the situation is dire and I am at a loss for how to proceed.

That said, Loki has taken a distinct interest in an ongoing magical project that I am engaged in this month. It is my intent to deliver a variety of curses upon Daesh to hinder their efforts by any means necessary. Some may say that I am engaged in morally questionable behavior by cursing anyone. That may be, but sometimes a curse is the tool that is needed to act against those who are doing evil. It is like using fire to fight a forest fire. Can it turn against me? Possibly. At the same time, knowing that risk, I see the benefits of taking this measure as greater and necessary.

He has had a hand in suggesting how to craft the following spells. I am sure he will have more to say on the next batch of spells that I will be doing in this effort. The fact that Loki is taking an active interest in this tells me that he approves of my efforts and believes that it is an important matter. If you are of a mind to join me in my effort to hinder, remove, and destroy Daesh, you may want to try one of these spells.

Curse No. 1 - Withering Roots: This spell is designed to weaken Daesh and destroy them from the inside out. It could fall under the category of a corruption spell, if you decided you wanted to be technical about it.

Curse No. 2 - Driven on the Wind: This spell is designed to attack Daesh and calls upon the elemental forces of Air to do so. It has some touches of a corruption spell to it but the main focus is destruction via force.

These spells could be adapted for other purposes. If you choose to do so, you are taking the risks of it all into your own hands. Remember, what you send out will come back to you in some fashion. Curses are not something to be done lightly because they carry potentially nasty backblow. (Same can be said for some blessings as well, by the way.)

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