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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July for Loki # 15 Giver of gifts.

Loki gives gifts. He's famous for the ones he gave to the Aesir. He has a reputation for giving gifts to people he is involved with. The gifts range from really useful and timely to strange and confusing, but hilarious. Loki is also great for helping you find the right gift to give someone. I'm not saying that Loki is my personal shopper. There is no way in the nine worlds I would be able to afford that, let alone the range of things he would suggest.

I was going to post about how Loki has given me gifts in the past and the way that worked out. But circumstances today happened so that my post focus shifted. It was because of Loki's influence that I was able to find the exact gift that Beloved would have enjoyed the most. I walked into the thrift store planning to possibly get a new pair of pants, a wicker basket, and maybe something else that was small. I walked out with research material, music for writing to, the basket I needed, and Beloved's gift. And I paid less than I would have dreamed for all of it at retail cost.

Some may call this silly but these are also the same folks who think I'm strange because of my godphone, but I am pretty sure that it was because of Loki's influence that I found those things. When I am out shopping for people, Loki likes to tag along. He does more than discuss fashion and jewelery. Loki helps me pick out the right things for the right people. I asked him once why he does it and he just grinned at me. I think it is one of those hobbies that makes him happy.

Loki likes, it seems, to make people happy when he has the opportunity. It isn't that he is trying to butter you up for some con game (though he does do that at times). He seems to genuinely enjoy watching someone light up with delight over a gift and an unexpected gesture of appreciation. It is a trait that I have noticed seems to run through the people who are involved with him as well.

It was Loki who showed me how when you give a gift, you are giving yourself one at the same time. It wasn't something that made sense to me when I was younger. I thought that gift to myself was the warm fuzzy feeling that came from making someone else's day a bit brighter. Then Loki showed me something of how we're connected to each other and the subtle ties that bind us together.

He showed me how the acts of gift giving strengthened not only those ties but the people involved. It added to their spiritual energy. I told him he was breaking physics when he told me that energy was being created out of nothing. Loki did what he usually does when I say that. He waggled his fingers at me and went "WOOO! Spooky actions at a distance." The last time I said something like that to him, he put on a robe and wizard hat. But, there you have it. Loki the giver of gifts.

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