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Monday, October 12, 2015

Cartomancy: Tarot Spreads (Part I)

As I mentioned last week, I have devised a few spreads of my own to use with Tarot cards. I am sure that somewhere out there, someone has spreads similar and that these are extremely generic. I want to preface the rest of this post with the statement that I have no intention of infringing on someone's copyright or anything similar. Disclaimer mentioned, let's get to the cards.

Above is my love spread. Yes, it is cheezy and in the shape of a heart. All dorkiness aside, this is a really easy spread to use and I generally get fairly detailed results. It is most effective used for established relationships. Start throwing unknowns as to who the players are in the relationship and things get a bit muddied.

Position 1: Querent at this time

Position 2: Querent's significant other at this time

Position 3: How the querent views their significant other

Position 4: What the state of the relationship is

Position 5: How the querent's significant other views them

Position 6: Major detail that the querent must consider with respect to their role in the relationship

Position 7: Major detail that the querent must consider with respect to their significant other's role in the relationship

Position 8: Summary of all cards and/or future outlook of the relationship

Above is my hidden truth spread. In some ways it is an expansion of the basic 3 card spread. The top row is the details about the situation from an outside perspective. The middle row is what is immediately apparent about the situation. And the bottom row is what is not clearly visible about the situation. The leftmost trio of cards handle the past. The central trio handle the present. And the rightmost trio of cards address the future.

Next week, I'll post two more spreads. Have a lovely day, everyone!

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