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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Spirits, spirits everywhere. And not enough to drink.

My home has been referred to by my psychic friends as the spectral airport or the psychic UN. To say that there is a lot of paranormal activity is a little bit of an understatement. I know part of this is due to the fact that the building we live in is haunted. The ghost that haunts the building seems to favor our apartment. He (because I think it is a masculine spirit) generally just hangs around. He doesn't talk much or make himself visible to me. But he makes his presence known by moving stuff around or casting a shadow where there is no one standing there.

I know that he has a sense of humor, though. He pranked my husband. The ghost stood in the doorway to our bedroom. Beloved woke up from his nap and saw a shadowy male figure standing in the doorway. He jumped out of bed as the figure moved away. I was out with the kids grocery shopping when this happened. When I got home and was unlocking the door, Beloved whipped the door open, hoping to surprise the interloper. I was startled and then confused why he was skulking around the apartment with a knife in hand.

And he's pranked me as well. I was in the middle of cooking dinner and heard the front door close. I didn't look up from what I was doing, but I asked Beloved to hand me something that was sitting on the counter behind me. When nothing happened, I looked over and saw that no one was standing there. I asked my kids (who were watching a video at the time) if they had opened and shut the door. They looked at me as though I had lost my mind. It was about a half hour later that Beloved got home from work.

This sort of sets the tone for the dead around me. They're generally easy going and have a sense of humor. When I forget my offerings, they sometimes prank me to remind me that I forgot them. It is usually something along the lines of a small item vanishing from where it was supposed to be to somewhere else rather strange but obvious. Like when my car keys disappeared from their hook and ended up on the top shelf of the bookcase, which the kids can't reach.

Sometimes they're helpful too. Like the time when I found money on at their shrine when no one had put any there. Or when a previously empty container of coffee creamer is magically half full when I go to make coffee for everyone. Because my dead, Loki, Beloved, and myself are all powered by coffee. It is little things, but those little things are what helps make life interesting around my house.

And the dead here is not just my dead. I have had many just passing through on their way somewhere else but stopping to ask me to pass on a message. Or stopping because they heard good things about my house. Some days, to me, the house is full of noise and activity. Someone else looks about and the place is pretty quiet. But on that psychic level, I have a full house with friends greeting friends and ancestors popping in to check on their descendants.

I do my best to enforce frith in my home between all that would be here. It makes me happy that my dead, the housewights (because there is more than one here), and the landwights help me keep it. There have been times where my guests start getting snippy towards each other or get close to a fight. They are always asked to be more civil in their disagreement and escorted out when they can't do it. I think it is part of the reason why I get so many visitors. Because it is a place of neutral ground that pretty much anyone is welcome as long as they abide by my rules.

But some days, it is noisy and very active. Those days, I make my cup of coffee and I have no less than four beings asking for some of it. And when I start cooking, I will get a laundry list of tips and commentary on how I'm doing it. On those days, I sometimes wish I could just turn off my psychic gifts. Because it is hard to concentrate with a whole chorus of people talking.

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