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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Psychic Self Defense 101: Avoiding Conflict

This is perhaps the most important lesson of the series. While conflict is going to happen at some point in time, it is possible to avoid it. It is best to maintain a scenario where psychic attack is not likely to occur because it is, honestly, easier than remaining constantly on guard for attack. Some of the things that can be done to maintain a reduced possibility of psychic attack is rooted to some extent in the defensive measures that can be taken when an attack is underway.

The use of a protective talisman can serve to prevent an attack when created to do so. This function is similar to the apotropaic charms painted upon buildings or included in their construction. It serves to create a space where psychic and magical assaults can not happen. They are turned aside and nullified by the talisman. This is similar to putting on a kevlar vest before going out into the world. Yes, it is a little awkward to wear at times and may not be used all that often. But it will work to stop an attack cold in its tracks before it can hit you, much like the kevlar stops the bullet from hitting the person wearing it.

Maintaining discretion as to when you interact with the world via your psychic and magical abilities is also very good for preventing a psychic attack. This is akin to a person who knows martial arts not showing off what they know to every passerby. It makes you blend in with the general crowd and it also keeps the knowledge of your abilities to yourself. This makes you a less interesting target. It also prevents some one from deciding to challenge you because you have a measurable level of skill. Additionally, it has the benefit of keeping the potential attacker unaware of your skills, which makes them consider if you have greater skill than they do.

Avoiding places with significant amounts of miasma is good for you in more ways than just your spiritual health. Sites where there is a great deal of miasma lower your psychic defensive capabilities, as the miasma will draw off your spiritual energy. This serves to leave you with reduced psychic reserves to draw upon in the event of an attack or to maintain your spiritual welfare in the midst of one.

Also, avoiding people who are known for psychically attacking others is a good idea. This one is a bit trickier because not everyone will talk about psychic attacks for fear that they will be considered 'crazy' and in many cases the psychic attack isn't recognized. Persons of a hostile demeanor who are generally malevolent in their interactions with the world are frequently perpetrators of psychic attacks. Also, it is a good idea to avoid people who are known for their energetic vampirism. (I'll cover psychic vampirism in a post in the near future. Classic signs of it are people coming away from the experience feeling drained, mildly depressed, and lethargic.)

With a little preparation and careful awareness of the situation, it is possible to avoid most psychic attacks entirely. When the inevitable attack does come, remain calm and address it using the defensive techniques you are most familiar with.

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