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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Psychic Self Defense 101: Counter-curses

In my previous post, I introduced the topic of counter-curses. A counter-curse is not something to be taken lightly. Using one for minor psychic attacks is the magical equivalent of using a howitzer to kill a fly. It is gratuitous and wasteful. It is also not guaranteed the precision necessary to eliminate that fly. It will, however, hit everything around it and cause significant damage.

Counter-curses requires a significant investment of energy, resources, and time. While they can be developed on the fly, it takes some experience to craft an effective one. In the past twenty years, the number of times I had to use a counter-curse I can count on one hand and have fingers left over. It is rare to need one but a valuable skill to have when it is necessary. The magical ability to 'return fire' is useful not only in instances of psychic or magical attack by another person. It is also something that builds the practitioner's defensive skill set that can be employed on the astral plane[1].

When casting a counter-curse, it is helpful to have props. While a person can do magic with out any physical tools, it is easier to employ ritual tools because it assists the practitioner in focusing their spiritual energy upon the goal of their spell casting with less need to focus upon the incidental matters of establishing ritual space, entering the correct mental state for magical work, or wrangling elemental energy. It is also helpful to use materials that can be disposed of easily and in an ecologically sound fashion. Disposing of the used materials from casting a curse helps to limit how much of the energy pushed back hits you.

There are two ways to cast a curse. One is to infuse it with one's anger, hatred, and other negative emotions. The high energies that come with these emotions serves to power the spell and give it a little extra kick. There is a reason why curses have been traditionally associated with these emotions, because this is what is most frequently used. It is an easy way to access spiritual energy and to take steps to resolve the emotions[2]. The other method of casting a curse is to do it 'cold' with out much emotion involved in it. Casting spells that draw upon the magical reserves that can be accessed at all times results in a longer lasting spell and one that builds gradually over time, where as the emotion based spell has its greatest effect at the time of initial contact.

Curses are one of the times where I recommend the use of a poppet or similar focus. This helps the caster to focus their spell on the target. Precision in casting curses is important. An improperly cast curse has the potential to rebound and hit the caster with the full force of it. Because it is the caster's own personal energy behind the spell, it penetrates the caster's shields very well. Also, an imprecise curse can hit someone other than the target if it does not rebound. The backwards push of magical energy along the thread connecting the caster and the target will be difficult to predict because of the unknown nature of the person receiving the curse[3].

The simplest counter-curse is to give the attacker ill luck and general misfortune. Assembling a counter-curse is much the same as assembling any other curse. A magical focus is required. Tools to establish magical space are necessary. Invoking spiritual allies and deities is a very good idea in this case. I personally use candle magic for these sorts of spells because when your candle burns completely, there will be a substantial reduction of material.

It is possible to tie the spell's action to the burning of the candle. If a fast burning candle, such as a birthday cake candle, is used, it can make the spell have effects rapidly when the manifestation of the spell is tied to it. It is also possible to use a small candle that will burn completely to carry the curse to completion. It is most effective when the curse involves the removal of something from the target's life. As the candle 'disappears' the spell will receive additional strength in removing things.

Counter-curses are curses. They are martial magical that is being used for defensive purposes. All curses carry the risk of negative effects upon the caster. Thus, they should be undertaken only when absolutely necessary.


1. The astral plane is also known as the spirit world. It is the aspect of reality wherein magic unfolds and spiritual beings exist, primarily. It is also the aspect of reality that one can enter into via dreamwalking.

2. A curse must not substitute for the caster's work to resolve emotional problems. If there is difficulty with integrating and resolving unpleasant/negative emotions, seek out professional assistance.

3. All spells cast create an energetic tie between the caster and the target. Energy can flow in both directions along this tie. Also, all energy sent in a given direction will have some return along the path it has gone. It is much the same as basic kinetic motion. If ball A strikes wall B, some of the energy of ball A's energy will be absorbed by wall B and some of it will be returned to ball A in the form of motion that makes ball A bounce off the wall. Precision spell casting ensures the greatest amount of ball A's energy is absorbed by wall B.

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