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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Video Post - Two for One day!

I encourage everyone to be safe and smart with their magical workings this time of year. The waning moon throws a lot more energy into 'dark' workings than usual because of its proximity to Samhain/Tamala/Halloween. The psychic tides are still fairly high because of the recent full moon. If you are going to be doing magic over the next several days, make sure that your personal protections are firmly in place and you are following your procedures closely.

Remember, every action produces a chain of effects. Somewhere along the line, some of those effects are going to include you.What ever magical working you do over the next little while, make sure that you are prepared to handle those consequences. Also, all of the safety measures you take with dealing with invoking the dead should be taken in dealing with spiritual beings. More about this in the next video below.

This is the time of year that many people will try out evocation for the first time. Generally, the first attempt at evocation is necromancy because they're trying to summon the dead. Evocation is not as hard as some people would describe it. The truly challenging part is discerning if the being answering the call is whom you summoned. This is one of the reasons why necromancers prefer to use something that had a connection with the dead. It can be anything from a lock of hair to a gift they had given the client or a prayer card. The item works as a beacon and strengthens the call to that specific spirit.

Be advised, there is a change that what answers the call is not necessarily who you intended to summon. Most of the time, the imposters are there to play some sort of a joke or other wise present something false but relatively harmless. There are times, however, that a truly malevolent entity will seek to cause distress and harm to the unwary practitioners. This is why it is vitally important that you keep your personal safety protections in place and keeping your ritual space well protected as well. This is the reason why so many occult practitioners use a magic circle. It acts as a sphere of protection for all who are within it.

There are three rules to evocation.

1. Don't call up what you can not lay to rest.
2. Be precise in your summoning. The more detailed and specific your evocation, the better.
3. Don't jump to do whatever the one you summoned tells you to do. Use your critical reasoning skills. Think before you act.

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